ABC Hides Ethnic Background of Black Virginia Beach Shooters

There was a horrible mass shooting in Virginia Beach over the weekend and leftist propaganda media mobs are hiding the details of the men arrested in connection with the shooting that left two dead and at least 8 injured. The reason? The suspects are black.

One of the most popular leftist propaganda channels ABC News did what is expected of it to do when it reported on the Virginia Beach shooting and arrests: exclude the racial background of the arrested men from the story.

Three people have been charged in connection with the shooting, police announced Saturday: Ahmon Jahree Adams, 22, of Chesapeake, Virginia; Nyquez Tyron Baker, 18, of Virginia Beach; and Devon Maurice Dorsey Jr., 20, of Virginia Beach.

But despite the fact that the ethnic identity of the three suspects was known by the time of the ABC story, the channel neither included the ethnic identity – namely black/Afro-America – nor any pics of the arrested men. Thanks to independent sources like Becker News, the pics of the suspects were already posted for public to view and learn about the ethnicity of the suspects.

Virginia Beach Suspects – Image @ Becker News

No surprise of course that leftist propaganda networks protect the ethnic identity of “people of color” when they commit a crime against any other ethnicity. The only time the ethnic identity is included in a story, including pictures, is when a white person is the offender and a person of color is the victim. This achieves fueling the anti-white narrative of the fake news mobs.

The ABC News story about Virginia Beach shooting is lamestream reporting with a known political agenda. It ranks 10/10 on the Skepticle Scale. One thing that is apparent from the stories about the shootings in question is that the local police seems to be trying to cover up as much as they can, likely for political reasons.


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