New York Times Rants against Vaccine Skeptics

One of the leading fake news publications, the New York Times, is sore that people are raising questions about the COVID 19 vaccines. In an extended rant featured yesterday on leftist propaganda platform Yahoo News, the New York Times bashed the “right-wing” people who are “maligning” the COVID vaccines.

The propaganda post titled “Far-Right Extremists Move From ‘Stop the Steal’ to Stop the Vaccine” by Neil MacFarquhar tried to use what is called the strawman kind of pseudo-reasoning to label vaccine skeptics as “far-right extremists” who were just a few months ago campaigning for “stop the steal” after the 2020 election. Obliviously the falsehood is manifest in NYT’s claim since vaccine skeptics had expressed their concerns way before the election; they were cautioning against the vaccine mafia’s involvement in this fake pandemic since day one and stop-the-steal campaigning had nothing to do with it.

The attempt of NYT to discredit vaccine skeptics as stop-the-steal people is laughable on the common sense grounds that the same group of people can campaign against two wrong things, or any number of wrongs. The election was rigged and stolen openly and just because Biden was inaugurated with the complicity of the Supreme Court and the compromised institutions doesn’t mean stop-the-steal was wrong. It’s just that the criminal side – the election robbers – won. Bad guys win in real life all the time. It doesn’t mean at all that the good guys resisting their crimes were wrong to resist.

The point about the same people moving on to a new cause is also textbook example of pseudo-reasoning. When you lose a battle to criminals in one battlefield, do you stop resisting their advances altogether in another battlefield? Certainly not. Propagandists like MacFarquhar of New York Times can surely fool naive and ignorant liberals or unsuspecting audiences with this kind of lame reasoning, but not those who are able to see a lie as a lie.

NYT also doesn’t offer any scientific evidence to back up its claims of vaccine safety or effectiveness. Instead it just repeats calling vaccine resistance “extreme” and “far right” – an act of labeling that caters to the liberals/left-wingers who hate these words. It admits that vaccines cause health damage including serious adverse effects but tries to brush off the vaccine injuries as not to worry about.

The raw, incomplete VAERS statistics are meant for scientists and medical professionals, but are widely used among extremist groups to try to undermine confidence in the vaccine.

The NYT propagandist doesn’t care to explain “incomplete statistics”. Adverse reactions happening after vaccination are reported as such. How are they incomplete? It’s the job of the health authorities to investigate and since they don’t, it actually proves the vaccine skeptics right. Also, by its line of reasoning, the claims of vaccine effectiveness and safety are also incomplete. So why trust any vaccines at all? NYT’s answer is: trust the government and the so-called experts. In other words, the same people who have repeatedly deceived and damaged millions. My response: no way.

The New York Times has been caught lying and distorting facts over and over, the recent example being it quietly editing its 1619 Project. Currently, the fake news outlet remains sued for spreading lies about Project Veritas. The lies of NYT in the Russia Collusion hoax after Trump victory in 2016 and later about Covington School student Nicholas Sandmann are some of the biggest cases of yellow journalism that have reduced New York Times to the status of a discredited and disgraced propaganda rag.

NYT story like the rest of its fake news is a full 10/10 on Skepticle Scale. But good for providing fool fodder for the fools who care to pay attention to it.


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