Miami Herald Falls Off the Cliff Defending COVID Vaccine Failure

The pathetic failure of the COVID vaccines is getting more difficult to hide by the day as more and more vaccinated people keep getting COVID. Accordingly, the presstitutes are sounding more shaky and creating such lame stories to save the vaccine’s face that they literally are turning into clowns. Let’s take a look at one of them.

Katie Camero wrote a hilarious story in Miami Herald on March 30th that is still featured on leftist propaganda platform Yahoo News. The story starts with an easy-to-spot lie:

When the first COVID-19 vaccine became available in the U.S., the nation unclenched its jaw and exhaled a sigh of relief.

The nation unclenched its jaws and sighed in relief? The nation? LOLS. So the propagandist starts speaking for over 300 million people already. Fine. Those polls of over half the population unwilling to take the shot must have been fables then. But moving ahead, the vaccine apologist tries to create an analogy to defend the vaccine failure against COVID, saying if you still get COVID after getting your shots, it doesn’t mean the vaccine is ineffective. Here’s the funny analogy:

It’s like treating a field full of hungry bugs with pesticides — while some critters will succumb to the poisonous fumes, others will emerge untouched from the defense designed to attack it.

In other words, if you compare failure of a vaccine to the failure of a pesticides, the failure stops being failure. Cool! Isn’t that lovely logic? Wait, there is a lot more.

Camero wants you to know that even if you get COVID after vaccination, don’t worry; it won’t kill you as you are protected from sever disease and death. She forgot to mention though “if you survive the vaccine” and “please forget that you have your own immune system that offers better protection” but then saying it will ruin the fun. So why even try?

Next comes the big rocket fired by the Miami Herald performer: all 3 vaccines approved for emergency use (Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson) – let me put it in her own priceless words – “offered 100% protection against hospitalization and death in clinical trials, but not against infection.” Congrats folks! If you take any of these vaccines death won’t come near you. You are immortal! And you have seen already how those of us who won’t take the shots are all dying left and right. Maybe I am typing this from heaven (or hell, who knows).

So is there any science in the comedy show here? Our clown does give it a shot. CDC and “experts” are cited along with clinical trials (you know those done or sponsored by the vaccine manufacturers) to assure these vaccines are safe and effective – meaning they can leave you sick and not protect you from COVID but still you must take them. For comparison sake, Camero makes a big claim citing CDC regarding the flu vaccine:

The flu vaccine prevented an estimated 7.5 million flu illnesses, 105,000 hospitalizations and 6,300 deaths during the 2019-2020 season.

No evidence offered as to how this is shown scientifically. Are we supposed to ask for evidence? No way! The circus has no time for our stupid questions. The climatic section comes near the end of Camero’s story. It’s titled “It’s not all about the vaccine”!!!! Yes, folks, forget the vaccines! Why you think of them at all?

And since those not taking the shot are to be labeled as the threat, our dear little prostitute in question says we vaxx-refusers are a threat and the more time the vaxxed angels spend with us, the greater they risk getting COVID. Then comes one final golden analogy:

It’s like tanning; the more time spent under the sun, the greater your chances of getting sunburned.

You read that right friends. All of us are like sun. We burn those poor ones whose sunscreen can’t protect them from our powerful radiation. The same poor victims who were part of our radiation until they took the shots and turned into little snowflake fairies.

Thank you Miami Herald for this entertaining story! It is so full of science and so empowering that after reading it, people would like to get a shot daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – maybe an extra one just for the fun of it.

Oh wait! Did I mention the title of the Miami Herald story: “Don’t worry if you catch coronavirus when fully vaccinated — it can happen. Here’s why”.

Verdict: Katie Camero’s Miami Herald story is COVID vaccine advertorial with added entertainment.

Skepticle Score: 10/10


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