Insider Propagandist Attacks Vaccine Critics for Questioning Vaccines

Targeting vaccine-resistance, aka anti-vaxxers, is a daily service provided by propagandists across the world serving the vaccine mafia. Their “reporting” is essentially bashing vaccine skeptics and regurgitating the lies of the pharma mafia to sell vaccines. Yahoo News today has featured one such propagandist’s story.

Julia Naftulin’s Insider post is titled “Anti-vaxxers are finding Instagram loopholes to spread their dangerous message.” Dangerous message? Well, the post shows that the pharma mouthpiece considers anti-vaccine advocates’ criticism of the vaccine mafia a “dangerous message”.

Of course as a vaccine seller, Naftulin has the right to be pissed when anti-vaxxers find ways to continue sharing their concerns regarding vaccine safety and effectiveness on leftist propaganda platforms like Instagram and Facebook despite the platforms’ open war on their freedom of speech. But Naftulingoes beyond all good bounds by specifically targeting an Instagram user who questions vaccines.

One anti-vaxxer named Holly, a Canadian in New York with the handle @novaccinesnoworries, told Coda that she prefers Instagram over Facebook for posting anti-vaccine content.

Incredible! So these pharma puppets give themselves the right to point out the specific identity on social media of anyone who is anti-vaccine, including information on where they come from and where they are living right now. In other words, they are prompting attackers toward the target. And propaganda platforms like Insider allow it.

In the latter part of the post, the propagandist regurgitates the clichéd vaccine industry’s lies that vaccines are safe and parents can save their children from diseases by vaccinating them. It is worth noting that nearly all references to vaccine safety are linked back to other Insider stories. In other words, the post is product-promotion as well as self-promotion.

Julia Naftulin’s post on Insider targeting vaccine skeptics is dangerous pharma mafia propaganda that combines corporate lies with personal rage at people who choose to think different. It ranks 10/10 on the Skepticle Scale and also carries the label SHAMEFUL.


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