Fox News Tries to Sell the Measles Vaccine by Regurgitating Pharma Lies

Conservatives warmly watch Fox News as the counter-narrative to leftist propaganda cartels catering to the biases of mainly anti-American audiences. But bring vaccination on and you see how Fox goes full-blown pharma puppet.

“Despite the fact that there’s been a safe and effective vaccine available for over 50 years.” says the narrator on Fox and Friends on a video featured by globalist Yahoo News today. The intro sets stage for the long-regurgitated pharmaceutical mafia’s propaganda that targets free speech and vaccine choice. Then as common on vaccine promos, a medical doctor working as vaccine mafia’s mouthpiece is called as an “expert” and the show’s anchor(s) pretend to listen obediently and attentively.

The propagandist on Fox and Friends to promote measles vaccine was one named Dr. Nicole Saphier. She regurgitated the “perfectly safe measles vaccine” lie combined with the “eliminated measles” lie. The references to two leading vaccine sellers of the world—CDC and WHO—were of course part of the show, and that was it.

It’s worth noticing that the “expert” Nicole Saphier is a radiologist, not an immunologist or having any original research of hers on measles, let alone the measles vaccine’s safety. She isn’t an “expert” on the topic—just a garden-variety medical doctor.

Fox and Friends segment on measles comes as a cheap and discredited vaccine industry’s propaganda and ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale.


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