Yahoo News Tries to Plead that ISIS Terrorist Shamima Begum is British

Islamist propaganda media in the west has been fighting for terrorist rights to return to the countries in the west after the huge defeat of ISIS in Syria. Female terrorists who fled to Syria from US, UK, and other countries—popularly called the “ISIS brides”—find the special and sympathetic attention of Islamist-Liberal media mobs and the case of young Muslim ISIS Bride Shamima Begum has been one of these.

Ross McGuinness’s story featured on Yahoo Homepage today is the latest example of these pro-ISIS brides stories that have been speaking for these terrorists for quite a few years. The story reads like an open letter of appeal to let Britain change its mind on this Islamic terrorist’s doomed case for restoring her British Citizenship. It excludes her exact statements and acts she has said and done for ISIS and instead includes those statements that show her a repentant and reformed, I-learnt-my-lesson kind of a lost girl who just wants to come home but is so shattered to see the door won’t open.

A dramatic part of this story is what could be called optical brainwashing of readers. The story says how ABC News interviewed her along with US/Canadian “Isis bride” Kimberly Polman, her fellow prisoner whom she shares a tent with in Roj. We then read the line:

Polman has knitted Begum a cushion decorated with the British flag.

This reinforces the visual depiction of Begum as a British ctizen as conveyed in a picture of the terrorist posted in the story with the cushion visible behind her. Very thoughtfully directed story shown in image and words to impose on the minds of viewers that the disgraced woman after all is a British citizen. But in reality, she is not.

And as you see, the story also uses “Isis” at a few places instead of the correct all-capitalized ISIS and it’s not clear whether the writer meant to just tone down the terror group’s name by using more casual small letters, or is too ignorant to know that ISIS is an acronym (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and hence must be all in caps.

Speaking from a camp in Syria, the 20-year-old, who fled east London when she was 15 to join Isis, said she had done nothing wrong before joining the terror group.

Also it’s a bad job by the editor of the respective publication for not catching and correcting it.

McGuinness’s story is shameless pro-terror propaganda written obviously to win sympathy for a horrible person who deserves none and should not be allowed to see the light of the day again let alone allowed to return to any civilized society. The story ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale.

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