Daily Mail Publishes Discredited Journalist’s Defense of ISIS Terrorist

The recent ruling of British Supreme Court refusing ISIS terrorist Shamima Begum’s appeal to return to UK to fight her case for restoration of British citizenship has disappointed the terror-friendly media cartels. Somewhat surprising among these is the conservative British paper Daily Mail, which published a shameless defense of Shamima by someone that has been shown as phony by their own account.   

Journalist Amanda Platell’s story “PLATELL’S PEOPLE: ISIS bride Shamima Begum’s crimes were sickening – but she’s British all the same” was published on February 26th and updated on February 27th as shown in the paper’s story page. The title is revealing enough to infer the story is a call for the return of the terrorist to UK, who has no such right because her citizenship was cancelled by the UK government – the competent authority – for becoming a terrorist and a threat to public safety. Yet, the terror-sympathizers will do what they do – put on a drama to vouch for their favorites.

Platell uses the stale, cliched phrases to present terrorist Shamima Begum as a “brainwashed… 15-year-old London schoolgirl” who “tricked her Bangladeshi parents” into thinking she was going on a holiday when in fact she had planned to travel to the war zone of Syria to join ISIS terrorists. Platell, of course, doesn’t use the word “terror” or “terrorist” with ISIS anywhere in her story. It doesn’t seem she considers the entire group as terrorist at all—just like Reuters and other establishment ISIS-friendly media mobs.

Platell them asks a rhetorical question:

Should she pay for that for the rest of her life, when rapists and murderers avoid deportation claiming it would breach their ‘human rights’?

Her case falls apart under its own unreason. Because two wrongs do not make a right, Shamima shouldn’t be allowed to return; instead Platell should have called for deportation of those dangerous criminals that pose a risk to public safety. Of course, she conveniently ignores the fact that Shamima’s citizenship was canceled by the competent authority and she is no more a British citizen, no matter how loud and dramatic someone’s claim of Shamima’s British citizenship in a story’s title.

Platell then applies the cliched means of emphasis – repetition.

She is British whether or not she has a passport.

The best response to this would be a laugh and a simple request: prove it please!

It is worth telling that Amanda Platell is the same woman whose lies about racism allegations, published in another Daily Mail story last year, caused the paper to issue an apology and a compensation of £25000 to University of Cambridge professor Priyamvada Gopal in December 2020. That was a couple months ago. Surprising that Daily Mail still continues to allow a discredited journalist to freelance for them, let alone publish a public defense of an ISIS terrorist whose details of working with her ISIS terrorist husband and their fellow terrorists are still unknown.

Daily Mail has lost credibility again with publishing discredited Amanda Platell’s lies and defense of a terrorist, particularly that the story is published as “news” not as “opinion” in the paper. It’s 10/10 on Skepticle Scale and deserves all the shame and condemnation from everyone who cares about innocent people’s safety.



  1. if she was only 15 years old at the time she joined, she could really have been brainwashed. how could a 15-year-old take an informed decision? Amanda Platell’s arguments are not that bad. “Should she pay for that for the rest of her life, when rapists and murderers avoid deportation claiming it would breach their ‘human rights’?”


  2. Her argument is as bad as your defense of them. A large number of Islamic terrorists are recruited at an early age in these terror havens and “brainwashed” – that is not an excuse to let them in your country and put your people’s safety at risk. Secondly, her citizenship was cancelled. Do you understand what that means? In simple terms, it means you are not a citizen anymore because you left the country to become part of a terrorist organization. And yes, people pay for their choices for the rest of their lives. Instead of getting terrorists like Shamima back, the Brits should investigate how she was able to go to a war zone at the age of 15 – who was communicating with her and guiding her – as they say “brainwash” her – and how did she get the resources to travel all the way from Britain to Syria? These are the questions the ISIS-affiliated media and compromised politicians are not asking.


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