PolitiFact Miserably Fails in Defending Biden’s Baseless Vaccine Claim

When it comes to defending the ignorance and incoherence of liberals, the leftist propaganda network is seen putting up a circus of all comedy and drama. Such an attempt was made today by the leftist propaganda website PolitiFact.

The story is that the unelected senile fool of White House, Joe Biden, was caught again in his senior moments – you know, when he forgets what he is saying and struggles to put together a meaningful sentence. On February 16, Biden went on full display of incoherence that he has been showing for at least a year now by saying to CNN propagandist Anderson Cooper, “…the vaccine which we didn’t have when we came into the office….”

The video was so painfully embarrassing to the liberal propaganda outlets that they went into a humiliating silence at once. The conservatives obviously had their day as they reminded Biden with his own videos of getting the COVID shot in back December. His statement before Cooper was clearly either a lie or, what many including me believe, an another exhibition that he is demented and his memory has been seriously damaged by neurodegeneration.

But the leftists have to keep lying to provide a defense of the mentally challenged unelected president of America. So PolitiFact came up with a very weak and lame denial of Biden’s lapse. They wrote that Biden had already mentioned the availability of vaccine in a previous reply to Cooper in the same interview so his words on not having vaccine were taken out of context. But where is the context in which Biden’s words fit and what was he referring to when he said they didn’t have the vaccine when he took office? PolitiFact wouldn’t say. They were probably also at a loss of effort to clear out the other coherence issues with the transcript of Biden’s reply.

On the contrary, Newsweek, though another leftist propaganda publication, had the rare example of courage to call Biden’s claim “False” in the fact-check story.

PolitiFact obviously had to leave a half-cooked lie to fool its already ignorant and idiot liberal fan club about Biden’s distinctive coherence failure issue captured in the video. Their story ranks 10/10  on Skepticle Scale, and it is strongly recommended that they change their name from PolitiFact to PolitiFiction.


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