Newsweek Fails to Discard Link Between Buffalo Shooter and Ukraine’s Nazis

Leftist propaganda publication Newsweek lamely attempted to discard the link of the alleged Buffalo shooter to the Nazis in Ukrainian military that have lately been surrendering to Russian forces in large numbers.

In its so-called fact-checking story, which was featured on the leftist platform msn, Newsweek tried to dismiss the link between the alleged Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron and Ukraine’s Azov neo-Nazis as shown in multiple social media postings. Like Ukraine’s Nazi military fighters, called the Azov Battalion, Gendron used the Nazi symbol Black Sun in photos of his that social media users shared around. He was also openly anti-semitic like the Nazis.

Newsweek called the link between the two “misleading” without offering any evidence or reasonable explanation. Its story was more denial than debunking the claim with proof. As part of its leftist political loyalty to the liberal globalists—the people funding Ukrainian dictatorship’s aggression on the Donbas region and training Ukraine’s Azov Nazis—Newsweek tried to label the Ukrainian Nazis as merely “far right” extremists whose presence in Ukrainian military was a more “complex” issue.

In trying to discard the disturbing Nazi connection between the Buffalo shooter and the Biden-EU sponsored Azov Nazis of Ukraine, Newsweek used itself as a reference to claim “facts” while at the same admitted the Azov inclusion in the National Guards of Ukraine.

Newsweek avoided explaining why the leftists around the world are funneling billions to Ukraine’s government when “far right” extremists are fighting in its ranks since as long as 2014. The propaganda publication also failed to provide proof that the Gendron manifesto is verifiable and was indeed written and posted by him. The conclusion of Newsweek’s post is interesting. It rates the claim of the Nazi link between “Mostly False” and writes:

Evidence shared online since the shooting suggests Gendron was opposed to the U.S. arming and supporting Ukraine.

But it does not share the evidence.

Verdict: Newsweek’s dismissive post about Gendron and Ukraine’s Nazis claims it is sharing facts but fails badly to provide evidence and back up its claims. It is simply routine left-wing propaganda that hides the Ukraine’s Nazi connection because the Biden administration and globalist Europe are deeply in bed with the Nazis.

Skepticale Score: 10/10



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