Russian Woman Allowing Rape in Ukraine: Daily Mail Parroting War Propaganda

Ukraine’s anti-Russia war propaganda is now a matter of daily observation and media in the west – liberal and conservative – are the leading mouthpieces that spread the globalist anti-Russian propaganda. For weeks now, claims of Russian soldiers raping Ukrainian women have become the figurehead of the globalist propaganda ship. Daily Mail has become one such minion of the globalist-Ukraine alliance in this information war.

On April 12, 2022, Daily Mail posted the story titled “Russian woman is overheard giving her soldier partner permission to RAPE locals in Ukraine in intercepted phone call – telling him ‘use protection and don’t tell me’.” The story claims that a Russian woman allowed her husband, a soldier deployed in Ukraine, to rape Ukrainian women. The story is entirely based off the claim of Ukraine’s secret service agency (SBU) that posted an audio clip to its Telegram channel. The clip was then included in a story on the Ukrainian news site Ukrinform. The clip is in Russian and Ukrinform just summarily translated the conversation for their readers as:

“You go there and rape Ukrainian women, just don’t tell me anything. You got me? The main thing is use protection,” the woman is heard telling her invader husband.

The SBU claims it is an intercepted call. However it has not provided any evidence to back up this claim. The media stories by Daily Mail and others have since rehashed the claim by adding spice and shock words to make it an emotionally disturbing news story in favor of Ukraine and against Russia. The truth value of the story is zero. Such a clip can be recorded by any two people (or even a single talented voice actor playing both roles of husband and wife) speaking Russian sitting at dinner table or in kitchen or a basement.

It is worth noting that sources like Daily Mail have openly allied themselves with Ukraine and lost their role as objective reporting platforms. On its Facebook page, Daily Mail has changed its logo to include the Ukrainian flag. That says all about Daily Mail’s lack of credibility as a professional/objective news source.

It is not surprising then that its story uses “Putin’s band of thugs” instead of “Russian soldiers” and repeats Ukrainian claims without bothering to question or verify any claims independently.

Verdict: The Daily Mail story is simply parroting of neo-Nazi propaganda by Ukrainian government with no verification of the audio clip and no verifiable details to prove it’s anything but a sound file that anyone speaking Russian language could record on their phone in just a few minutes. Daily Mail has lost its credibility on the issue of Ukraine conflict by posting stories like these and publicly displaying its lack of neutrality and objectivity with its Ukrainian flag logo on Facebook.

Skepticle Score: 10/10


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