The Daily Beast Publishes Neil Cavuto’s Unscientific Claims on COVID Vaccines

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto has made claims without evidence that the COVID vaccine saved his life while he had to be hospitalized due to COVID despite being fully vaccinated.

Yahoo News featured a story by The Daily Beast that reported on Neil Cavuto returning to his show on FOX after a battle with “COVID-induced pneumonia”. This reportedly was his second time catching COVID despite being vaccinated. By common sense, his re-infection shows how the COVID vaccine is useless in not only preventing infection but also in preventing serious progression of the disease. Yet, Cavuto put the twist on it to claim that the vaccine is safe and effective. He was cited as:

“But let me be clear, doctors say had I not been vaccinated at all, I wouldn’t be here.”

The hypothetical specifically meant to defend the COVID vaccines falls flat in the face of science and reason. It is known that the medical establishment is sold out to the vaccine industry and the intimidation of the government and the press. So the doctors can’t dare tell the truth (those who do are targeted by the vaccine-government alliance).

Besides, doctors claiming something doesn’t make it a fact. In the year, when the so-called pandemic was raging, an “immune-compromised” person like Cavuto neither caught COVID nor was hospitalized or died from any other infection. But after vaccination, he came down not once but twice. This is direct correlation between vaccination and infection. His doctors seemingly did not study science or the scientific method. And he seemingly did not study journalism to ask his doctors how they back up their claims of vaccine effectiveness when his medical history shows otherwise. Hence, the hypothetical if you hadn’t taken the shot you’d be dead.

Interesting web of pseudo-reasoning to note here is that Cavuto reportedly has battled cancer and lives with multiple sclerosis (MS). So if he had died of COVID, the doctors had an easy excuse lined up: he had underlying conditions that contributed to his death—something they did in case of fully vaxxed Collin Powell’s death. Variety reported his death as:

Powell died in part because of a breakthrough coronavirus infection and because he had been weakened by multiple myeloma.

Food for thought: If the vaccine doesn’t work in saving the immune-compromised people from severe disease, it is useless since a healthy immune system easily recovers from COVID, just like the hundreds of millions did in 2020 without a vaccine (while more people died in 2021 after the vaccines arrived). But for the intelligence-compromised, digesting this bite is too much of work.

The pandemic of lies by doctors and media and fake science by pharma-linked agencies created the so-called COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Since then, endless lies, ongoing cover-up, and aggressive censorship have fooled hundreds of millions into believing the manufactured crisis of COVID-19 “pandemic”.  Cavuto’s story is part of that narrative, lacking evidence, real science, logic, and common sense.

Verdict: The Daily Beast story of Neil Cavuto’s “COVID pneumonia” and vaccine effectiveness is an open-and-shut case of a collaborative lie cooked by the dishonest medical system and the fake news machinery. It is fake news at its worst but no surprises to see it coming from The Daily Beast.

Skepticle Score: 10/10 with added giggles


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