Associated Press Viciously Lies about Ashli Babbitt

The political bias and distortion of facts in Associated Press stories is common knowledge to informed observers. One year after an illegitimate administration was planted in the white house via a massively rigged election and collusion of compromised institutions, America looks back at the lives lost, the economy weaken, civil rights attacked, and the fake news mobs working round-the-clock to misinform millions daily so as to help the anti-American forces do as much destruction in as short a time as they can.

As per its leftist political agenda, Associated Press viciously attacked Ashli Babbitt, who was murdered in cold blood by a DC policeman. The Gateway Pundit posted a letter from Babbitt’s family that addressed the lies of Associated Press. The letter is included below and shows how the victims of the criminal left see through the lies of their propaganda machinery.


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