New York Times Story Tries to Present Taliban as Friends

The buddy-buddy connection between leftist media and Islamic terror is hardly a secret. A new story by New York Times – a leftist propaganda rag infamous for its fake news – reveals the mutual fondness of liberal propagandists and Islamic terrorists.

 The story, featured by leftist propaganda platform Yahoo, is written by Thomas Gibbons-Neff, a former Marine who served in Afghanistan and now works as a correspondent for New York Times. The story tries to dramatize an interview meeting Gibbons-Neff had with the Taliban terrorist leader Mullah Abdul Rahim Gulab by telling a back story about how the same terrorist killed Americans and their allies in Marjah district, Helmand province, in 2010.

Gibbons-Neff never uses the word “terror” or “terrorist” throughout his story to refer to Taliban; instead, he uses “insurgents” and “insurgency” as neutral terms to neutralize the widely accepted nature of Taliban – i.e. Islamic terrorists.

Operation Moshtarak, as the U.S. military called the 2010 mission to seize the district, was the first set-piece battle of President Barack Obama’s counterinsurgency troop surge, which failed.

Aside from the revised phrasing for Taliban, the story in itself comes as a sad and alarming proof of the acceptance of one of the fiercest Islamic terrorists as friends or allies. And it’s a disgrace for an American soldier to be the guest of the same killers that killed his friends and allies, and who is now talking to him in the same room as his host with an upper hand.

The optics of the story alone show how the NYT is accepting Taliban and presenting to its audience. Gibbons-Neff is shown in traditional Islamic dress sitting attentively looking at the terrorist leader so as to present his side of the story to the world.

I told him that the fight for Marjah had been important in the eyes of the United States but that most people had heard only one version of the story of the battle. Not the Taliban perspective.

Once fighting terror, some of those people are now getting paid to tell the world that it’s not terror anymore because Biden surrendered to it. They are telling us without putting it in words, “Forget about the past. Let’s be friends with them now because we have surrendered to them.” In the words of the marine-turned-NYT-propagandist:

He had won his war. I had lost mine.

It’ll be more realistic to say that when a soldier interviews a terrorist, he not only has lost his war but also his morals – if there were any to begin with.

Verdict: The NYT story by Thomas Gibbons-Neff is a shameless display of presenting Taliban terrorists as allies and includes language of appeasement to normalize terror. Making it come from a former soldier is a clever strategy to numb criticism of pro-military conservatives against leftist alliance with Islamic terror.

Skepticle Scre: 10/10 – plus disgrace


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