The Evansville Courier & Press Tries to Mislead on Young Woman’s Death

The death of a young woman in Indiana is being connected to COVID-19 without evidence and a propaganda rag called The Evansville Courier & Press has attempted to imply that vaccination would have prevented her death.

On Tuesday (December 28, 2021), The Evansville Courier & Press posted a story titled “20-year-old Evansville woman’s death after COVID battle haunts mother.” The deceased named Kyaira Edmunds reportedly died on November 15 after experiencing sudden and serious breathing difficulty. Apparently she was not taken to the emergency room in time after she reported the problem. The story wrote:

But some 15 minutes later, Kyaira was still at the home of her boyfriend and his family in Evansville, where she had gone to live a year earlier.

Half hour later Kyaira’s mom was told that she is in the ambulance outside the BF’s home. The next call came from the hospital and told the young woman’s mother that she was dead.

“The doctor told me that my daughter is gone,” she said. “Her heart just stopped, and they couldn’t get her back.”

At this point, the story’s writer Thomas B. Langhorne stops standard reporting and takes a detour to imply Kyaira died of COVID-19. Next, Langhorne jumps on to sell COVID vaccines instead of revealing the real cause of her death. The story admits that vaccinated people have been dying of COVID but tries to defend the vaccine by stating that those deaths are mainly among senior citizens. The writer does not admit that this means COVID vaccines fail in protecting the senior citizens.

After the unrelated advocacy for COVID vaccines, Langhorne finally includes the real reason of Kyaira’s death—blood clot. The story added:

Morbid obesity and COVID-19 were the second and third causes, according to Vanderburgh County Health Department death certificate data.

COVID-19 as “third cause” of death? This does not make sense because the story earlier says that Kyaira was diagnosed with COVID two months prior to the death. There is no mention of her testing positive for COVID at the time of her death or return to hospital. On what basis was COVID put on the death certificate? The Evansville Courier & Press story doesn’t say anything about it anywhere.

So with no evidence that Kyaira’s COVID caused the blood clot or that COVID vaccines prevent blood clots, Langhorne still tries to link Kyaira’s death to COVID. In this effort, he cites some doctor claiming—without evidence—that it may be due to the viral cardiomyopathy that kills a COVID patient, adding:

“Or sepsis, or something else — but COVID is the reason they’re in the ICU in the first place.”

So the doctor cited is not sure about the actual cause of death and is claiming without evidence that ICU patients are COVID victims without showing how many of them tested positive for COVID at the time they were checked in there and what other co-morbidities they were fighting.

Interestingly, the story does not attempt to ask whether Kyaira’s medical reports during her COVIDd-19 hospitalization showed any signs of cardiomyopathy. It implies she didn’t have it, either at all, or at least not when was fighting COVID. So the reference to cardiomyopathy in her case will be irrelevant.

The facts of the case as apparent by The Evansville Courier & Press story are: Kyaira died of inability to breathe caused by a blood clot that suddenly blocked flow of blood in a vessel, hence cutting oxygen supply to the body. She was not tested for COVID-19 at the time of hospital admission where she died; she was not diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy; there is no evidence that vaccination prevents blood clots, though there is a lot of evidence that COVID vaccines cause blood clots.

Verdict: In light of the above facts and analysis, Thomas B. Langhorne’s story in The Evansville Courier & Press about Kyaira’s death and possible COVID connection is found not credible reporting. The attempt to link refusal to get the COVID shot to Kyaira’s death is misleading and smells of an agenda.

Skepticle Score: 9/10 – some credit is due to the story for including the real cause of death.


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