Emily Newton of BBN Times Crates Lame Advertisement for COVID Jabs

There are some liars who are good with their words and create a story that appears at least somewhat believable at first sight. And then you have the clumsy liars whose case for something has holes the size of craters made by meteorites hitting a planet. Emily Newton of BBN Times is an example of the latter.

Last week, Emily Newton posted a blog “What Is The Impact Of Vaccine Hesitancy?” in the leftist propaganda rag BBN Times. In her blog, Newton repeats the pharma propaganda of safe and effective vaccines and very lamely pushes for vaccination claiming that only this will end the (so-called) pandemic. Newton makes wild claims about vaccines and viruses evolving due to unvaccinated people, without backing up her claims with any solid scientific evidence but using discredited and corrupt organizations and media networks as her sources.   

While she makes her blog a full-blown advertisement for selling COVID vaccines, Newton’s lack of concern over health risks of vaccination is ridiculously obvious. She writes:

Normal vaccine side effects are symptoms of the body learning to fight the target pathogen. People who use them as a reason to avoid getting vaccinated perpetuate false public beliefs that vaccines are dangerous and cause illness.

Laughable! “Normal vaccine effects” are “symptoms” of the body “learning to fight pathogen”. For one thing, she unwittingly admits that the vaccine is giving people the pathogen. Well, she also admits that people exhibit “symptoms” after vaccination – just like infected people have symptoms of infection. So Newton gives you 2+2 in the first line. Then comes her bombshell: it’s a false belief if you think this is illness and something dangerous. So she is saying, don’t call it 4, although it’s 2+2, but if you call it 4, it’s a “false belief”.

After ranting some more, the BBN Times propagandist tells her readers about the COVID vaccines:

Receiving one is not just about protecting oneself but the entire planet.

This 5th-Grader level of rhetoric by Netwon could only adorn the pages of a rag that is helplessly laughable – and BBN Times does look like the perfect match for it. Wonder how much these vaccine advertisers get paid per commercial masked as journalism??? But the money must not so good or else the blogger would have put some more effort into polishing the ad.

Verdict: Emily Newton has repeated very lame lies in her BBN Times blog that is not anywhere near a piece of journalism. It’s pharmaceutical industry’s advertisement, but for informed readers, not bad for a joke.

Skepticle Score: 10/10


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