Associated Press Exemplifies Yellow Journalism in Waukesha Parade Story

The so-called news agency known around the world as the Associated Press one again showed the world it is nothing but a leftist propaganda rag when it ran a story this morning about the terrifying attack on the Waukesha Christmas parade last evening.

“Was SUV driver in Wisconsin parade crash fleeing a crime?” is the title of the story by the Associated Press (AP) featured on leftist propaganda platform Yahoo News.  The story literally hides the suspect’s identity that is by now known around the world thanks to independent reporting and social media. He’s a black criminal with a long record of crimes and multiple sources have identified him as Darrell Edward Brooks Jr. See my story on AxcessNews.

The AP story however goes deaf and blind on the age ethnicity or background of Brooks olny calling him “SUV Driver” or “suspect” a few times while keeping its focuses on the victims and details of the crime as a distraction from questions about the culprit – a classic fake news technique to make the suspect less important (who wants to know when it could not be a white guy?) and thus more shielded.

Moreover, the story clearly shows what the leftist propaganda rag and politically servile administration in Waukesha are doing to protect the criminal who viciously crushed innocent peaceful people including children to death and life-threatening injuries. The narrative of “fleeing from another crime scene” cunningly puts a twist on the otherwise obvious terror attack on the Waukesha parade. The implication of their spin on the story is that Brooks is not a terrorist or intentional killer; he was just in a rush and thus ran over all these dozens of people without meaning it; all he wanted was fleeing a crime scene in panic. This BS is the kind of sick stuff these fake news rags like AP and all its brothers and sisters in crime sell people – and millions of idiots even believe them.

Verdict: Hiding the ethnic background, not linking to a single post to identify the suspect, and not even trying to mention who the suspect is, what his criminal record looks like, or what is being posted on other media about it, AP has come out bare naked as a textbook example of yellow journalism. AP must mean Assorted Propaganda and it could only be by intentional misinformation that are we sold the name Associated Press. Rags like AP are the enemy of the people!

Skepticle Score: 10/10 – plus a truckload of disgrace


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