Calls Questions about Vaccine Failure ‘Anti-Vaxx Ambush’

The left is terrified of questions that show it the mirror. That is why they have to take questions only from their favorite sources – otherwise they either deny or run away. The leftist Prime Minister of New Zealand fled a press conference after a couple in the audience asked her why the vaccine wasn’t working in Israel and Britain., an Australian leftist propaganda outlet, is defending her escape and calling the questions “ambush” by anti-vaxxers.

On November 5, posted a short piece by a propagandist Jessica Wang, who criticized comedian Joe Rogan for “attacking” New Zeland’s PM Jacinda Ardern. Wang’s story wrote “The NZ PM was forced to end a press conference after it was ambushed by anti-vaxxers.” Here is what happened.

As the video shows, Ardern was asked two questions by two different people: why the vaccine wasn’t working in Israel and why it wasn’t working in England. Then she was asked why she was still pushing it. Arden immediately panicked on seeing someone not supposed to ask questions was asking something that she couldn’t answer without losing her justification for advertising the COVID vaccine – which has proven a pathetic failure everywhere, notably in heavily vaccinated Israel and Britain, where majority of COVID deaths and illness cases are among the vaccinated.

In a Fight-or-Flight situation, Arden chose flight and immediately announced she is only taking questions from “accredited media” then announcing the conference was moving somewhere inside where there is more peace.

So when Joe Rogan mocked Arden for running away from the questions, Wang of wrote that Arden was “heckled” by “anti-vaxxers posing as journalists”. Her story did not bother to ask why Arden was intimidated by the questions that were relevant to the event – namely vaccine efficacy. And Wang’s post didn’t bother to link to the data the questions were referring to, i.e. from Britain and Israel. Interesting to note that Wang’s bio on says she is a “commercial content writer”. Hmmmmmmmm.

Verdict:  Wang’s criticism of Joe Rogan in her post is a lame defense of Arden’s escape from the event because she couldn’t face the disturbing but truthful questions. By calling the audience “anti-vaxxers posing as journalists” Wang has drawn attention to her own journalistic competence – which is no more than zero.

Skepticle Score: 10/10


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