Quacks Say They Are Tired of Resistance to COVID Vaccine

As the crimes of the medical mafia are exposed every passing day and people are finally standing up against the sold-out white coats pushing for killer vaccines and ventilators, some in the medical community are whining about the resistance to their malpractice. Leftist propaganda rag Insider is all attention to the whiners and propaganda website Yahoo is more than ready to feature the story. Let’s look at the claims from a few quacks and briefly answer them.

Psychiatrist Mona Masood Claims

Many physicians are now experiencing “compassion fatigue” or losing empathy for the people they are taking care of.

Come again? Physicians have empathy for their patients? Try some better joke as this one is long expired.

We went from being heroes to being villains.

You never were heroes except those doctors who didn’t sell out to the vaccine mafia, respected patient’s freedom of choice, and cautioned them against dangerous vaccines. The rest are scum.

People started doubting what we were suggesting and what we were doing.

Good for them. They should have been doing that since day one, but it’s never too late to fix the wrong so they finally woke up to your (medical mafia’s) abuses.

We were being gaslighted and were told that we had other motives.

Not really dolly. People are seeing through what you guys really are and do, and your corporate interests and apathetic attitude.

But all these accusations were just so surreal and so unfounded.

No they are not; they are founded on first-hand observation and experience of your abuses and dereliction of duty in the interest of pleasing the vaccine mafia and the pharma cartels.

Dr. Stephen Sample Claims

All of us are getting tired, especially when you get hit day after day with this stuff, and it’s just really demoralizing.

Oh really? It’ll be safe to say that people are also beyond tired of the lies and deceit of your community that is killing and injuring them. And if you feel demoralized for not being able to sell the vaccine, one can only cheer for the people who show you the mirror.

I spend a lot of time creating very thought-out and long responses to people who are coming at me with bad intentions, trying to make me look stupid or trying to call me out.

That’s because you guys have proven yourself to be stupid and worthy of being called out. In fact, many of you should be criminally prosecuted and jailed for crimes against humanity and your malicious intentions of harm to them.

The man refused all of the treatments, signed a “do not resuscitate” order, and died convinced that COVID-19 was a hoax.

Died or was killed by your gang? We’ll love to know the details of who the man was, who diagnosed him and by what means, his autopsy report, and other details. You roaches are not to be trusted after going this low for money and promotion.

Insider Claims

Experts worry that mental fatigue could lead to a mass exodus among healthcare workers as the pandemic drags on.

That’s actually great news. The less murderers left at these slaughterhouses, the more people survive their bloody hands. And for correction sake, it’s not a pandemic; it’s a quackdemic!

Dr. Stephen Sample Claims

Many colleagues – especially those nearing the end of their career – are considering leaving the profession.

Too bad they are not leaving earlier or they could spare people the horror of their murderous presence.

I promise you if I was 56, and not 46, I’d be gone.

You mean you goanna kill and injure people for another 10 years? That’s too bloody long. Leave now bitch!


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