Leftist Lies Collapse: FBI Admits No Evidence of Coup on January 6

January 6 2021 was a day of chaos and lawlessness and the suspects behind it all were allegedly Trump supporters—that has been the narrative of corrupt and discredited leftist propaganda mobs. Now the FBI has admitted it lacks evidence to back up the claims of a Trump-led coup on January 6.

Legal Insurrection reported today that per sources cited by Reuters, the FBI has failed to find evidence that the January 6 incident was a coordinated attempt to seize the capitol by violence or take hostages. The story says that only five percent of the protesters were “maybe” from militia groups.

Then you have five percent, maybe, of these militia groups that were more closely organized. But there was no grand scheme with Roger Stone and Alex Jones and all of these people to storm the Capitol and take hostages.

Maybe? And what militias? Of course the FBI won’t say. The big lie is dying its natural death now although it’s been stretched for well over 6 months now. The Gateway Pundit reported last month that congress wasn’t evacuated on January 6 because of so-called threats of violence by Trump supporters, but because of a bomb threat.

 Establishment propaganda website Salon published a rant on January 17 that it was a coup and that Stop the Steal means Start the Coup. The propagandist writing that rant was not alone in his rat race to please the deep state and be their mouthpiece. Tens of millions at least in this country actually believe that rubbish. And they will continue to believe it after this embarrassment for their false narrative of a coup.

On the other side, critical thinkers and real analysts saw through the story since day one and rejected the Trump-calling-for-coup lie of the left. Infowars channel Banned Video exposed the lies of the deep state within days of the so-called capital riot of January 6. Watch their BitChute video from January 11 to learn what it was all about.


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