Insider Propagandist Frustrated over Vaccine Resistance in America

Immigrants are perfect candidates for spreading establishment propaganda. That’s why the leftist rag Insider posted a ridiculous story coming from an immigrant propagandist to shame those Americans who refuse to accept pharmaceutical slavery in the form of mandatory vaccinations.

The propagandist named Conz Preti is an Argentinean woman who says she moved to the America 11 years ago, and she expresses her frustration over the refusal of Americans to accept vaccine mandates. After all, she reasons, she had to show vaccine records as an immigrant to stay in the U.S.  So why should Americans mind the mandate, aka an imposed pharmaceutical product?

This level of idiocy coming from an immigrant is not surprising. A shitload of shithole natives invading the US through both legal and illegal channels never accept the American way of life. They are all economic predators who are born in countries that deny essential human rights and freedoms. So when they get to a free country, it’s tough for them to accept freedom. Hence their advocacy for the dictatorial setup in America from which they fled and came here. Conz Preti is a classic example of this mindset via her story.

But it’s not just the lousy rational of “requirements for immigrants must be requirements for Americans” that makes her story pure trash material. She also includes false information regarding vaccination requirements for those who move to the U.S. I briefly debunk two such claims of hers from my first-hand experience of arriving as a non-immigrant here in the U. S.

1 – Preti claims she was required to show her vaccination records to be allowed admission/entry into a school in New York.

This is misleading information as it does not mean that every F1 via (international student visa) holder is required to show vaccination records. I lived in the U.S. from 2012 to 2016 on a student visa and I was never required to show any vaccination records, either by the school or by the State Department. There was no requirement like this for students, and I believe that continues to date. If she was required to show vaccination records, it must be the policy of that particular university, and she could always say no and go to another school and state in America. If she chose to show vaccine records, I was because she did not want to exercise her freedom of choice.

2 – Preti outright lies when she says, “Any immigrant knows that part of moving to the US, even temporarily, means providing vaccination records.”

Temporarily? Not really! As someone who is in the country, as I write this, on a B1/B2 (business/tourist) visa, I was never required to show any vaccination record at any time of my visa application or entry into the US. And until my visa application in 2017 and my entry in 2019, there was no such requirement for temporary (non-Immigrant) visa holders on the state department’s website (it may still be so). In fact, even for immigrant applicants, the vaccine requirement clause provided different kinds of exemptions: medical, philosophical (personal belief), and religious. If Preti didn’t seek any exemption, that is her choice and shows she chose to accept rather than question and claim her right to refuse.

So should all Americans just accept the vaccine imposition and give up their right to refuse like Conz Preti did? I am sure the answer is obvious to all those who were born and raised in America with certain rights.

Verdict: Insider Propagandist Conz Preti’s Insider story is an immigrant’s rant against the American freedom of choice and just shows how failed the country’s immigration system has become.

Skepticle Score: 10/10 plus extra laughs

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