Sophia Ankel of Business Insider Attacks the Unvaccinated

Presstitutes are keeping tabs on people who refuse to get the useless and dangerous COVID vaccines. Worse, they are making them targets of the public hatred by posting stories about their refusal to vaccinate.

Meet Sophia Ankel, a mouthpiece of the pharmaceutical mafia, whose story’s says-it-all title “The family of an unvaccinated woman who died from COVID-19 say they still refuse to get the jab, report says” for Business Insider was featured on the leftist propaganda website Yahoo. The story uses the classic propaganda ploy of repeating a word or phrase of interest to hammer it into the attention of the readers – in this case “unvaccinated woman” – by associating it something bad (in this case, death).

Ankel’s story is a repeat of the one published in the well-known fake news publication of the left, The Daily Beast. No independent investigation has verified the claims of the County Administrator Dr. Scott Hopes on which the propaganda outlet based its story. The so-called media simply presented that statement as news to sell the vaccination narrative of the pharma. Also no autopsy reports were cited to verify that the deaths happened to a coronavirus infection and not any other health issues. The attribution of the deaths to COVID is simply presumption.

The Insider propagandist argumentatively includes fake news sources like CNN to counter the statement of the deceased woman’s daughter who pointed to the simple and established scientific fact that one’s own working immune system is the best defense against an infection and not some vaccine.

According to public health experts, having a strong and healthy immune system does not offer the same protection as a COVID-19 vaccine, CNN reported.

Ironically, the Insider tagged this story as “science” and forgot the word “Fake” to add to it.

After already stating that the woman Mary Knight was unvaccinated twice in the story and once in the headline, Sophia Ankel continues to repeat that Knight was an unvaccinated woman.

Knight, who was not vaccinated, died after contracting the virus in the government office building where she worked as an IT Customer service supervisor.

Sophia Ankel then goes on to cite more unverified claims about COVID variants and vaccines all gathered from leftist fake news factories and, as one would expect, excludes any mention of the deaths and injuries reported among the vaccinated following vaccination as well as large numbers of fully vaccinated people getting COVID.

Verdict: Sophia Ankel’s Business Insider story is a presstitute’s vendetta to put a target on the back of unvaccinated people. It is typical propaganda serving the pharmaceutical mafia and the leftist establishment.

Skepticle Score: 10/10



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