Science News Shoots Itself in the Foot Trying to Sell COVID Vaccines

One good tatic to make lies and propaganda effective is to make it come from people who have big credentials attached to their names. The professtitutes with PhD, MSc, and other titles running after or before of their names make ideal propagandists. So why be surprised to see establishment propaganda venue Science News using the same for advertising vaccines?

The title “As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, we answer 7 lingering vaccine questions” of the Science News story published last month (May 11th) gives away what it’s about. When “we” announces “answer questions” about vaccines on a site called “science news” you can be sure 99 percent of the time it’s another vaccine advertorial. Let’s see what questions they picked to answer.

  1. How long does immunity last?
  2. If I didn’t have side effects after getting the vaccine, is it working?
  3. Should I get an antibody test to tell if the vaccine worked?
  4. If I have had COVID-19, do I need to be vaccinated?
  5. If I have had COVID-19, do I need to be vaccinated?
  6. Can the current vaccines protect me from variants?
  7. Is it possible to reach herd immunity?

Interesting, isn’t it? No questions like: how many deaths have been reported in vaccinated people due to COVID-related symptoms?  How many VAERS (negative effects or reactions reporting system for vaccines) reports have been filed to date and what effects have been reported? How many vaccinated people have been tested for COVID and how many of those tested positive despite being vaccinated? Who has funded each of the study cited by CDC/NIH and what kind of conflict of interest exists in each study? And other questions like these.

So after picking the questions, or rater coming up with them, the three propagandists whose names go with the story repeat the lies and vaccine-serving statements from establishment figures and entities. Mainly it’s the discredited CDC, and they cite studies that show conflict of interest and poor scientific value. Fake news sites like New York Times are included to quote Fauci whose conflicting statements and lately revealed emails prove him nothing but a criminal quack, albeit one operating above the law.

Interestingly, the so-called experts answering their own questions about vaccines reveal their agenda and admit the vaccines don’t work.  Thus in answer to the second question (If I have had COVID-19, do I need to be vaccinated?), they say:

“All of the evidence says yes,” Barker says. “The immune response you make when you’re infected with SARS-CoV-2 is not ideal.”

“Not ideal” is what they typically say when they have to admit it’s useless.

Then comes the question that blows a cannon hole in their vaccine commercial: Should I get an antibody test to tell if the vaccine worked? Guess what the “expert” opinion says – No. Don’t get tested because the test that supposedly shows immunity may come negative and you may conclude vaccine didn’t give you the antibody immunity they promised you. The story cites a virologist Juliet Morrison to tell readers to just trust the vaccine, not the test.

“You just need to trust that the efficacy of these vaccines is very high,” Morrison says.

Laugh Out Loud!!!!

Now in response to the last question on herd immunity – a debunked hypothesis – the answering machines make the excuse that it won’t be possible because too many people are refusing to take the vaccines. Then they again admit the vaccines don’t work.

That’s because vaccines aren’t 100 percent effective. And scientists still aren’t sure how well, or durably, they prevent someone from transmitting the virus, although there are tantalizing hints that vaccinated people who do get infected carry less virus and so are less infectious (SN: 2/12/21) .

So there is no science showing how vaccines can prevent or lower transmission but only “tantalizing hints” that the vaccinated carry less virus? Obviously there is more than just tantalizing indication that the story in question is nothing but a cheap rehash of vaccine advertorial content masked as science.

Irony here is the logo of Science News that says Independent Journalism Since 1921. Wonder were they as fake back then as they are showing themselves now…

Verdict: The Science News story by Erin Garcia de Jesús, Jonathan Lambert, and Tina Hesman Saey is nothing but vaccine industry’s propaganda using academic credential flashers as its mouthpieces. It leaves important questions about the credibility of the writers as well as the publication.

Skepticle Score: 10/10


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