Yahoo Propagandists Claim Blacks Don’t Care about July 4th

Celebrating July 4th as the America day of freedom is a tradition that unites all Americans. At the same time it is a target of hatred among the liberals and left-wingers in America. To use it for their political agenda of ruling through division, they play the race card. And the propaganda networks are at the forefront of such political attacks against America and its people of all races and backgrounds.

Yahoo News, the popular leftist propaganda platform, dived straight and deep into this agenda by featuring a story “American celebrations of Juneteenth continue to multiply 158 years following the abolition of slavery” on Tuesday, June 15th. The two propagandists, Marquise Francis and Chanelle Chandler, who authored the piece, start with the racial card in the very second sentence.

For Black Americans, however, the July 4 holiday has been more difficult to navigate.

The tried and trite tactic of speaking for all is easy to spot. The propagandists pretend to speak for all Black Americans by starting the sentence with “for black Americans” when a big number of black conservative Americans celebrate July 4th as America’s day of freedom with equal enthusiasm as whites and other patriotic Americans.

The story by Francis and Chandler then talks about June 19th, or Juneteenth as they call it, as the real freedom day for blacks in America since that was the day in 1865 when the blacks were declared free at the end of the American Civil War. The story conveniently excludes any mention of the fact that a white man Abraham Lincoln got the black slaves free by starting a war whose details are documented well in the book It Wasn’t About Slavery by Samuel W. Mitcham Jr. It takes no statement from any conservative black who celebrates July 4th as the Independence Day, but includes statements from those who think otherwise – like the one included below.

“July 4th doesn’t represent freedom for us,” Emily Anadu, an organizer of the event series the Lay Out in Brooklyn, N.Y., told the Strategist. “We celebrate when we gained our freedom. It’s about reclaiming and holding space for the community.”

The story is good to fool unsuspecting readers that July 4 doesn’t represent freedom for America or at least black Americans. However, those with basic level of intelligence and education along with some critical thinking skills will readily argue that the freedom of America was vital to free the slaves. Without America there wouldn’t be any freedom but an endless British colony where practically everybody was a slave. By getting America first as a free country, the founders of the country ensured they could march on to win the basic rights of all humans living on its territory.

Yahoo adds to the race-baiting potential of its piece by showing Anadu’s statement “July 4th doesn’t represent freedom for us,” as its title on the homepage with an image showing black women dancing/celebrating in the foreground – one of them with no mask and the other with mask down – and one masked white woman in the background with her mask fully on. Interesting optics and seemingly conveying a lot: free blacks with no so-called pandemic rules applying to them and a white person strictly following the rules. Got it?

July 4th for blacks

Verdict: Yahoo has shown its familiar anti-American leftist nature by featuring the race-baiting propaganda piece of Marquise Francis and Chanelle Chandler trying to turn blacks and other readers against July 4th.

Skepticle Score: 10/10


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