CDC Data Shows Near-Zero COVID Risk in Teens, USA Today Claims Opposite

The well-exposed fake news source USA Today hit another mark in misinformation and deception of the public as it ran a vaccine advertorial from the CDC as scary news. Read below to learn what the data really shows and how USA Today lied – again.

On June 4th, USA Today ran a story titled “’Much of this suffering can be prevented’: CDC urges parents to vaccinate their teens after report shows rising hospitalization rates.” The very title is used misleadingly to scare parents into getting their teenage children vaccinated as they read “rising hospitalization rates.”

But when when you go through the original CDC report, you realize how USA Today has tried to deceive the readers. As they say the devil is in the details, and propaganda rags like USA Today omit key details from their stories to tailor the facts to fit their agenda. So what key details have been omitted by USA Today? Quite a few.

First, the USA Today story edited the language of the original report when they wrote:

Among 204 adolescents patients hospitalized for COVID-19 from Jan. 1 to March 31, more than 30% were admitted to the intensive care unit and nearly 5% required mechanical ventilation.

Did the original report say “hospitalized for COVID-19”? Not so. Here is the original line from the CDC report.

Among 204 adolescents who were likely hospitalized primarily for COVID-19 during January 1–March 31, 2021, 31.4% were admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU), and 4.9% required invasive mechanical ventilation; there were no associated deaths.

Caught the language trick? The propaganda rag changed “likely hospitalized primarily for COVID 19” to “hospitalized for COVID 19” as it knows that a subtle omission of an important couple words goes a long away in deception. The CDC report is not certain that these 204 were hospitalized for COVID 19 so it says “likely hospitalized primarily” implying there were other causes of hospitalization of these teens while USA Today implies it as a fact that the cause of hospitalization was COVID 19 and nothing else. Hell of a difference!

Secondly, the USA Today story excludes the total number of people out of which these 204 teens were hospitalized. The CDC report includes that number albeit indirectly. It says the CDC used the Coronavirus Disease 2019-Associated Hospitalization Surveillance Network (COVID-NET) to examine COVID-19–associated hospitalizations among adolescents aged 12–17 years.

COVID-NET is a population-based surveillance system of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19–associated hospitalizations in 99 counties across 14 states,§ covering approximately 10% of the U.S. population.

About 10 percent of US population – how much that comes to? The current population is estimated to be over 330 million people according to the 2020 US Census. 10 percent of it is 30 million. So out of more than 30 million people, only 204 teens were admitted to hospitals for not confirmed, but possible COVID 19 connection. In percentage, that amounts to 0.00068% – in other words near zero.

Thirdly, let’s not forget that the CDC report mentions that out of the 204 teens likely hospitalized for COVID 19, over 70 percent had underlying medical conditions including serious conditions that often require hospitalization. To their sole credit, USA Today does not exclude this from their story.

About 70% of hospitalized adolescents had one or more underlying medical conditions, with the most common being obesity, chronic lung disease including asthma and neurological disorders.

Now 70 percent of 204 having other serious health problems means the actual number of teens hospitalized somewhat certainly for COVID 19 is 30 percent of 204, or 61 patients. Only 61 teens out of a population of 30 million – meaning 0.0002% – were hospitalized for COVID 19, which is so close to zero that your teens are more likely to drown to death in their tea cup than get harmed by COVID. Yet, we are told it is worrying! And I am not even reminding that the PCR test for detection of COVID 19 is a joke, discredited numerous times since the so-called pandemic was staged by the globalist leftist establishment.

So what does USA Today end their story with after it includes the laughably low numbers of the OVID-hospitalization cases near the end of its story (they won’t say it at the beginning because who would read their story then)? It quickly throws in a quote from a quack. A certain Dr. Henry Bernstein, who is part of CDC (connection not to be missed) is cited:

“So, it’s not just those that have underlying conditions that need to be vaccinated. Everyone needs to be vaccinated.”

Should we remind Dr. Bernstein that out of the 101 million Americans that reportedly have been vaccinated fully against COVID, 10 thousand tested positive for COVID 19? That means despite getting fully vaccinated, 0.0099 percent still got COVID – way higher than the percentage of teens hospitalized for COVID 19. And it’s not known how many of the 101 partially vaccinated ones got COVID after vaccination and how many of the total number tested in the first place.

Verdict: The USA Today story ‘Much of this suffering can be prevented’: CDC urges parents to vaccinate their teens after report shows rising hospitalization rates’ is hogwash meant to deceive millions of unsuspected readers. It shows that the USA in the publication’s name does not refer to United States of America but to United Scammers Alliance.

Skepticle Score: 10/10 plus extra disgrace

Update: The conflict of interest found in the report but excluded entirely from the USA Today story is summarized in this BitChute video.


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  1. I knew as soon as I read USA today’s heading that there was something super fishy about that article. I love how you have a talent for digging in and catching things that the average person doesn’t.


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