Todd Stiefel Amuses with Lame Advocacy for Vaccines

Being the mouthpiece of the rich and influential vaccine mafia is becoming an easy way to get attention and potential career success. No wonder then that more so-called activists are jumping on the dirty vaccine money wagon to get their name out in news by pandering to the vaccine mafia. Todd Stiefel of ScienceSaves Campaign Raleigh, NC, is one such name that is featured in propaganda platform Yahoo today.

Stiefel wrote an opinion piece called “My immune system is compromised. Please get vaccinated” for The News & Observer and Yahoo quickly picked it up, of course! The piece is the perfect example of an idiot’s rant run as an advertorial for vaccines. From the first para to the last line, Stiefel rants against anti-vaccine advocates and comes up with lame analogies mixed with cliched lies of the establishment that wants to impose vaccines, particularly COVID vaccines on people who question its effectiveness and safety.

In the tradition of vaccine advertisers disguised as journalists or commentators, Stiefel calls vaccines “the greatest health advance known to humankind” and urges that everybody should take vaccines to protect immunocompromised people like him from the COVID 19 risk. By declaring himself as immunocompromised and calling for vaccination in others, who have healthy immune function, Stiefel burns his own case: if vaccines really make you immune, you will need them more than anyone because you are the one who needs acquired immunity, not healthy people with working immune systems.

Instead of addressing each regurgitated lie of this so-called columnist in a separate para, I find it far easier to quickly answer select lies of him, since answering each even briefly will take hours due to the sheer number of them. So Stiefel’s rant in italics and my responses go in regular below.

1.People who speed through stop signs risk not only their personal safety but that of the rest of us. And so is it with people who reject vaccines during a pandemic. Lame analogy since the vaccinated are dying and getting sick at a faster rate and can spread the sickness to others.

2. There are 593,000 dead Americans so far. And he meansdead from COVID 19. It’s a baseless claim by vaccine mafia’s allies in the government and propaganda media; never proven to date.

3. Getting vaccinated means freedom from the likelihood of catching the virus and freedom from the fear and anxiety of spreading it to loved ones. A lie, or more of a psychological projection – attributing to others one’s own fears/feelings.

4. Anti-vaxxers are terrified, but they are afraid of the wrong thing. Anti-vaxxers are terrified? LOLS. It’s the other way around. Dummies like Stiefel are terrified, or pretending to be so, because they have been scared by media propaganda of a so-called infection that is way less fatal and serious than common flu. We have been having fun going beaches and rallies all through this plandemic. And we are alive and well as ever.

5.Immunocompromised people, transplant patients, and many cancer patients rely on others to be vaccinated in order to protect them. Again a lie, repeated for rhetorical effect.

6. Requiring proof of immunity for service is not discrimination. It is a consequence of you choosing not to help thy neighbor. How stupid! It absolutely IS discrimination. And a lame analogy again – a neighbor in need of help requiring vaccination of me needs to move away. The sheer ignorance of such a neighbor would be intolerable.

In short, what Stiefel is saying is to let the pharma mafia stifle our freedom of choice and surrender to this global gang of greedy and reckless monsters disguised as defenders of our health.

Verdict: Todd Stiefel’s take on vaccine resistance reeks of ignorance, unreason, and stupidity. His call on everyone to get vaccinated because he is scared of a so-called pandemic and his ridiculous analogies show that he may be immunocompromised physically but he has a lifetime immunity against intelligence and sanity.

Skepticle Score: 10/10 plus


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