Sista on TheGrio Tells Racist Lies to Promote Blacks

Leave it to a sista to lie in your face! That’s what propaganda rag TheGrio did today when one of its writers, a black woman Biba Adams, claimed in a story that the aggressive passenger on a Southwest flight, who physically attacked a flight attendant, is a white woman.

Here’s a screenshot of TheGrio story by Adams showing her claim that the “aide” on the California flight asked a “young white woman” to keep her seatbelt fastened.

The main problem with this claim is the same that has been debated openly since at least the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman. Just like Zimmerman was a Hispanic man called “white” after shooting Martin dead, the female passenger called “white” here actually seems to be a Hispanic woman. And it’s because of this that Adams of TheGrio goes on to make another openly false claim: that the aggressive passenger who attacked the flight attendant was “unidentified”.

The fact is media stories identified the passenger soon after the news first came out and her name Vyvianna Quinonez was published in stories on May 26 in The New York Post and other news outlets. Both the first and last name of the woman, who was arrested for the assault on the flight attendant, are Hispanic/Latina names. See Baby Name DNA page for Vyvianna.

Since it appears that the passenger is not a white white woman but a Latina or Hispanic – in which case the ethnicity should be specified more precisely – sista Adams’ story comes as racially motivated propaganda as she misleads her readers (hopefully there aren’t many) into believing a white woman is the villain and a black man the hero. Before I list sista Adams’ lies, it’s relevant to take a look at the another story that she did not link to but mentioned the incident toward the beginning of her story.

Just days after a video went viral of passengers fighting on Spirit Airlines, a flight attendant was physically assaulted Sunday on an enroute Southwest Airlines plane.

The incident appeared in a story on MEAWW along with the Twitter video that shows the passengers fighting mid air on the Spirit flight.

Now let’s summarize Adams’ lying techniques employed in TheGrio story to promote blacks.

1. She claims the aggressive passenger is white. Fact: The passenger in question is Hispanic (my claim).

2. She claims a black man intervened in the assault and then quotes a comment from a Twitter user: “He’s the only reason that flight attendant didn’t end up with worse injuries.” Fact: True that a black man stepped forward and ordered the aggressive passenger to stop. But the video shows that the first and most important intervention was by a woman, apparently woman, seated in the front row next to the aggressive passenger, who held the passenger’s arm and stopped her from attacking as well as getting her back to her seat. Adams completely excludes this important part from her story.

3. The ethnicity of the flight attendant is not mentioned at all in Adams’s story. The flight attendant who got injured in the assault is by appearance a white woman, though not named in media. By excluding the ethnicity of the victim, Adams attempts to prevent the victim from getting a reader’s sympathy. Thus the indirect message that white is not the victim.

4. The video of the Spirit incident that Adams mentions in her story shows that multiple black passengers are in a vicious group fight on that flight. Fact: Adams not only excludes the mention of their ethnicity in her story but also doesn’t provide a link or embed a tweet to the actual video of the incident. It’s apparent why: because black people can’t be shown in bad light when you are trying to promote blacks in the same story.

Verdict: TheGrio story by Biba Adams is nothing but racist propaganda to promote blacks and to achieve it, Adams employs multiple lies – direct and indirect – to influence the reader.

Skepticle Score: 10/10

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