Arab Propagandist Pissed Why Americans Watch Fox News

An Arab Muslim propagandist is angry that Americans watch Fox News. She uses the term Foxitis for it – a term coined by an attorney representing a protester at the federal capitol on January 6th when leftist thugs staged a scripted attack on the capitol in collaboration with the DC police. Here’s the story.

Arwa Mahdawi, a columnist for the leftist rag The Guardian, wrote an opinion post Beware the deadly new disease spreading across America: ‘Foxitis’ that propaganda platform Yahoo featured as news on its homepage. The post is a poorly structured political rant targeting Fox News coverage of pretty much everything and particularly Tucker Carlson whom Mahdawi labels “racist”.

Now Tucker Carlson, who was one of the few Fox News hosts who actually took the pandemic seriously early on, is diversifying his usual racist rants with dangerous anti-vaxxer propaganda.

Leftist propagandists, many of them Muslim women of Middle Eastern descent pretending to be modern and independent in the west, always have a problem with free speech and real reporting as well as honest and brave analysis. They get pissed if you ask questions about civil rights in health choices, science, and validity of the racial injustice myth. They also get upset over questions raised at the political, financial, and mob crimes of their terror groups like ANTIFA and BLM. No wonder then that Mahdawi goes on to make the laughable ruling:

Fox isn’t just a danger to public health, it’s a danger to democracy.

To pretend she is giving us something informed and adding weight to her rant, the propagandist cites other fake news outlets like CNN, Washington Post, NPR etc. Let’s take a glimpse at this asinine columnist.

It happens that Mahdawi is a Palestinian with Birtish nationality. You know how the third-world migrants bring their shithole mentality to the west when they move there with the political agenda to politically and culturally subdue the natives, mostly via forming an association with the anti-west left. It’s a dangerous disease called Islamo-Nazism spreading across the world and killing countless while injuring countless others. No wonder that earlier this year called Mahdawi “a gargantuan hypocrite and the stereotypical media hack whose sole objective is to peddle propaganda.”

Verdict: Arwa Mahdawi’s column in The Guardian is lame-ass political rant by a Muslim Arab propagandist working for a discredited mouthpiece of liberal lunatics – of which she certainly seems to be one.

Skepticle Score: 10/10 rated A (asinine)


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