Yahoo’s Poll on Biden’s Performance Just Funny BS

Discredited propaganda platform Yahoo lamely tried to promote American’s first unelected president Joe Biden via a survey that is as laughable as Yahoo news itself.

A propagandist Andrew Romano wrote the ridiculous story about the alleged popularity of senile pedophile, Joe Biden, claiming that their survey found that “Americans say Biden has faced bigger challenges and performed better than Trump.” After you are done laughing, why not take a look at the survey and see how many people they asked and in what locations and what backgrounds.

It turns out the survey asked 1,558 U.S. adults over the period of April 27 to April 29 the question whether or not they approve of Biden’s handling of the following issue—including coronavirus, guns, immigration etc. The survey compared his approval rating to Trump and of course found Biden performing better than Trump in the first 100 days.

Only 1558 people representing 230 millions of Americans? And where exactly did these people live? What were their ages and educational backgrounds? And lots of other questions could be asked to undermine the credibility of this poll. But there is no need since an obvious lie doesn’t even need to be shredded to pieces. Interestingly, to claim credibility for its survey, the story adds:

Respondents were selected from YouGov’s opt-in panel to be representative of all U.S. adults.

LOLS. Such a funny attempt to claim credibility for one’s claims. You just gotta take their word. Believe us we are credible!!!!!!

When the Yahoo propagandist tweeted his story link, Twitter users took a moment to show him his story’s worth. One user called it funniest BS ever.

Others mocked the story saying “Maybe they need to stop asking drugged up college kids in their next poll” and “fake news”.

Yet another Twitter user posted the figures showing viewers of Trump’s Presidential addresses in each year of his term versus a ridiculously low number of Biden’s address viewers in comparison.

Verdict: Andrew Romano’s story of Yahoo survey is dumbass lefty propaganda in a series of attempts to paint a positive image of Biden who is falling apart after being planted in the White House via a massively rigged election.

Skepticle Score: 10/10 with extra discredit


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