Yahoo News Features Islamist Propaganda about Mosque Rejection in MS

The proposal for a mosque was rejected in a Mississippi town, and an Islamist propaganda story is put out there to raise the all-too-familiar slogan: racism.

Yahoo News, the well-known anti-American propaganda platform, featured the story by a virtually unknown propagandist Tanasia Kenney, who titled her story “Noise concerns or ‘anti-Muslim’ bias?” and then added “Mississippi city mosque rejection raises eyebrows”. Who’s surprised?

The story is preceded by an image of some mosque so tall the image occupies as much, if not more, space than the rest of they page carrying the story’s text. An obvious advertisement for an Islamist cause. The story itself is simply ridiculous. It is entirely based off the statements of some Muslim man Ray Elk who lives in the city of Horn Lake – the man who proposed the construction of the mosque but was not accepted by the city board.

The story includes the statement from the board saying concerns over possible noise among other reasons are the cause for rejecting the proposal for the first mosque in the area. But the writer lets Elk go on to state repeatedly what he personally believes is the cause of rejection: anti-Muslim bias.

Elk blasted the board’s rejection as “racist” and is threatening to take the city to court, The DeSoto Times-Tribune reported.

This is one of those laughable errors that remind the immense need for understanding basic word-level comprehension skills. Anti-Islam bias is not racism. Muslims are not a race. Islam is not a race. So how is rejection of an Islamic site a race issue? If these propagandists only knew what they are talking about!

The story is also a textbook example of lousy journalism since it doesn’t bother to inform readers on why a mosque is needed in the first place. It needed to include information on the Demographics: how many Muslims live in the city? How many of them really are practicing/praying Muslims that need a mosque because for some reason they can’t pray at home? Also, what are the concerns of the rest of the area’s population? Are they concerned that loudspeakers will be used at the mosque to call for prayers as Muslims traditionally do everywhere? No questions asked and no information provided in the story.

Verdict: This story on Yahoo News is garden-variety Islamist propaganda. It lacks real reporting and tries to lamely apply race-baiting and religious conflict.

Skepticle Score: 10/10


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