New York Times Goes All Racist and Christianophobic

Leftist propaganda rag New York Times has been exposed over and again for its fake news and left-wing political propaganda masked as news or commentary. Its new story featured today by Yahoo News angrily attacks white Evangelical Christians for refusing COVID vaccination.

The story title “How White Evangelicals’ Vaccine Refusal Could Prolong the Pandemic” gives it away before the two propagandists authoring it – Elizabeth Dias and Ruth Graham – develop a Christianophobic narrative targeting white Evangelicals who are not willing to get the COVID vaccines. After citing a few Evangelicals saying no to the COVID vaccines, the story jumps to the inference:

The opposition is rooted in a mix of religious faith and a long-standing wariness of mainstream science, and it is fueled by broader cultural distrust of institutions and gravitation to online conspiracy theories.

When leftist propagandists whine about distrust of institutions, their political agenda is on full display. They hate people distrusting corrupt and compromised institutions. Combine that with “online conspiracy theories” by which the propagandists mean anything that provides an alternative position to what the mainstream wants you to accept. In other words, thinking for yourself makes you a conspiracy theorist or believer in one.

The story then plays the all-familiar lie called stats.

There are about 41 million white evangelical adults in the U.S. About 45% said in late February that they would not get vaccinated against COVID-19, making them among the least likely demographic groups to do so, according to the Pew Research Center.

Here, the NYT story needed a link to the actual poll to which they are referring. But then it’s NYT, so don’t expect professional journalism. And while the story goes on to cite another vaccine-advocate to claim that such resistance can make the so-called pandemic last longer, the big lie of NYT lies right down a few paras below.

No clear data is available about vaccine hesitancy among evangelicals of other racial groups. But religious reasoning often spreads beyond white churches.

Actually, the same Pew Research Center found out that 36% of black Protestants didn’t plan to get vaccinated. The story on Religion News Service, posted on March 5th, says that 64% of black protestants planned to “definitely or probably” get vaccinated against COVID. That story has its own political twist put on the figures – by lumping together “probably” with “definitely” since probably means may be or may not be. In addition, why Pew Research Center did not take a survey of black or other skin-color evangelicals on the vaccine issue is not explained. Seems like they only wanted to get stats on whites so as to bash them via propaganda outlets like NYT.

The rest of the NYT story is full of usual leftist garbage that specifically focuses on white Evangelicals and doesn’t bring up attitudes to COVID vaccines among other ethnicity and faith groups. Like the title, the story tries to assert that vaccine resistance is bad and white Christians are particularity bad because they don’t accept the discredited pseudo-science of vaccination.

Verdict: The New York Times Story on vaccine refusal among white Evangelicals is racist and Christianophobic, berating whites and Evangelical Christians and depicting them as ignorant because they question the pseudo-science of vaccines. The NYT story is a vaccine advertorial using shaming strategy to convince white Evangelical Christians into embracing COVID vaccines.

Skepticle Score: 10/10 +


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