The Week Tries to Alter the Meaning of CDC Director’s False Statement

The fake science of the CDC from the quack that heads the institution was once again exposed with a single statement that the fake news then tried hide from the people. Bad news for them: it’s a bit too late!

On March 30, Yahoo News featured a story by the propaganda rag The Week under the title: CDC director: Data suggests vaccinated people largely ‘do not carry the virus’. The title and the story itself carry an open, shameless act of fake journalism: telling people the CDC director said something which she hadn’t. The story wrote:

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a new interview celebrated data suggesting that those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 largely “do not carry the virus.”

Largely? It’s apparent that the words “do not carry the virus” were quoted speech as they are in quotation marks. But why is the word “largely” added to the actual words of CDC Director Rochelle Walensky? The answer is easy to figure out: saving face.

The Week includes the actual statement of Walensky later in the story:

“Our data from the CDC today suggests that vaccinated people do not carry the virus” or get sick.

This struck those audiences at once who still carry a functioning brain as clearly false. There has been no scientific study to show that vaccinated people don’t get sick with COVID or don’t carry the so-called virus. What data Walensky was citing was never explained to the people.

The reaction from people was immediate and daunting. If Walensky is to be believed, why was CDC insisting on vaccinated people wearing masks and doing all the measures that others do? Aren’t they simply virus-free as she claimed?

Sensing the blunder Walensky made, vaccine-apologist media mobs like The Week quickly got in action to twist the story. That’s where the word “largely” came in – instead of questioning the CDC’s chief quack, the fake news mobs started interpreting her statement for people to claim she didn’t mean to say all vaccinated people; she just meant majority of vaccinated people are safe.

But that in itself is a false claim. The so-called study is just an estimate by the CDC based on the assumption that if the vaccinated person tested negative for COVID, it’s because of the vaccine – an unscientific claim. On Word Matters! I exposed the reality of this so-called scientific study by the CDC when it came out and made news.

Walensky’s statement was so humiliatingly false that the CDC had to walk it back quickly and assure people she was “speaking broadly” when she said the vaccinated don’t get infected or sick, as The New York Post reported.

In the good old days, quacks were fired or simply resigned when caught in a public lie. Will CDC Director Rochelle Walensky do so? No way! It’’s the age of corruption and quackery getting rewards not punishment when caught.

Verdict: The Week exhibited fake journalism when it tried to change the meaning of Walensky’s statement by adding its own interpretation of the actual words – which were nothing but a false claim – in both the title and the text of the story.

Skepticle Scale: 10/10


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