NBC Hides Muslim Terrorist Arwa Muthana and Her ISIS Sister’s Connection

Leftist propaganda outlet NBC exhibited its pro-Islamist and anti-white agenda on full display in a story that was mainly ignored by other popular leftist platforms like NYT, CNN, Huffington Post etc. The story which should have been about the terror-friendly couple was turned into a story only about the husband. The reason? You won’t be surprised to learn, if you don’t already.

The story of the arrest of the terrorist couple in New Jersey is posted in brief on Word Matters and as it cites AL.com – a source that did a fairly good job though far from excellent in including some details about the 29-year-old Arwa Muthana and her sister Hoda Muthana – the latter is the one who left US in 2015 to join ISIS in Syria. Hoda publicly called for spilling American blood. But after the defeat of ISIS under Trump administration, she tried to return to America. However the Trump admin won’t let her back in as she wasn’t a US citizen. Somehow the State Department under Gorge Bush admin had issued her an American passport – despite her being not a citizen. Are we surprised here though?

Now Arwa Muthana is the older sister of Hoda and is from Hoover, Alabama, where her Yemeni immigrant family lives. So Arwa has a very strong and publicly known ISIS connection – her sister Hoda. The NBC story completely washed out this connection and instead focused on the 20-year-old husband James Bradley of New York who had married Arwa just 2 months ago. There are no details on how a 29-year-old Alabama woman met this young white guy who converted to Islam for her and adopted the Muslim name “Abdullah”. Apparently she and her network brainwashed him and got her hooked up with him via online chat – but that is just a guess. If the propaganda cartels actually exercised real journalism, these questions would have been asked and details revealed.

The video report accompanying the NBC story (see below) shows the picture of Bradley/Abdullah and talks about his commitment to ISIS. But it entirely omits any mention of Arwa or her ISIS sister Hoda that made news worldwide in 2019. Thus the story’s design is obvious: using the word “NYC man” instead “radical Islamist” and showing the picture of a young white American in an Islamic dress while hiding the background and any pictures of his older Arab wife with an existing ISIS connection, the pro-Islamist channel would protect Islam and Muslims from getting a bad name. Even the new Islamic name of Bradley, Abdullah, was omitted from the story to make the terror story an all-American affair.


Too bad for NBC, Arwa’s ISIS sister in Syria is way too famous to not pop up in this story and thanks to real news sources like AL.com, the family connection of the sisters is public knowledge.

Verdict: NBC story on the arrest of Bradely and Muthana is pro-Islamist terror-friendly left-wing propaganda.

Skepticle Score: 10/10


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