COVID Vaccine Advertorial Presented as Science by Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Are you surprised any longer that propaganda outlets present personal statements as scientific research? When it comes to vaccines, media is reduced to mere mouthpiece of the pharma mafia. In the latest examples of vaccine promotion, research reportedly has found that a new vaccine developed by a military institute will fight all variants of the so-called COVID 19 causing virus. Really?

Fort Worth Star-Telegram published the story titled “New research suggests vaccines reduce risk of COVID-19 spread through nose and mouth” on March 15th. It says the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research studied the progression of CPVID infection in monkeys after they were vaccinated with the new vaccine developed by the institute.

Monkeys, like humans, can still become infected with COVID-19 after they are vaccinated, but the vaccine reduces the severity of the illness.

This is an important, in fact very important confessional claim about the COVID vaccine: it doesn’t protect you; it doesn’t prevent infection with COVID. Since the vaccine has to be sold to people, the research claims to have found that the amount of virus in the upper respiratory system of vaccinated monkeys was rapidly declining. Owing to this claim, the research concluded that this means the vaccine is effective in preventing spread COVID because transmission occurs via the upper respiratory tract (nose, throat, sinuses).

That now is indeed a slaughter of science and journalism with one clean stroke of the knife of lies. There is practically no information provided in the story as to what the vaccine is made of; how it’s supposed to work again the so-called COVID viruses; who supervised the research and what methodology was adopted; how the mew vaccine is different from other vaccines to be more effective; has the research been published and verified independently by other scientists? Above all, in the research were unvaccinated monkeys used as a control group and exposed to the same conditions and showed that the virus was replicating in them at a higher rate?

These and more questions remain unanswered in the story. An important question is: did the journalists working on this story ask these questions and got answers; or did they not bother to ask anything.

The story seems to be entirely based off the statement of the Dr. Kayvon Modjarrad, the director institute, that they have developed this nameless, undescribed new vaccine that will take care of multiple strains and offer universal protection. The journalists working on the story appear to confuse science and facts with claims and statements. They should have added a disclaimer that they didn’t ask many/any questions regarding the details of the research and that the entire story is basically a press release issued verbally by the director of the institute.

The story of Fort Worth Star-Telegram about the new vaccine is an example of pseudo-journalism promoting a pharma product developed via pseudo-science. It’s rank on Skepticle Scale is a solid 10/10. Simply a waste of one’s precious 15 minutes.


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