Bootlicking Doctor Urges CDC and Biden to Punish COVID Vaccine Refusers

If one works at CNN and writes for Washington Post, what do you expect of their mindset to be like? Yup, a bootlicking puppet to the pharma mafia. So meet the one featured in a story today on propaganda factory Yahoo News: Dr. Leana Wen.

The Yahoo propagandist describes her as a “physician and medical analyst for CNN” – which is introduction enough. This Chinese-born CNN muppet tried to get some fame last year by playing the race-card – and featured for that in the propaganda factory, saying she receives an onslaught of hate-filled messages when she appears on CNN to talk about health. Then she claimed she knew other Asians who suffered the same – all without evidence. You just have to take her word for it. Do you?

Now this so-called physician, writing in the discredited leftist rag The Washington Post, says she agrees with the CDC when it advises unvaccinated people not to mingle unless they live in the same household – which is unscientific and ridiculous. At the same time, the bootlicking doctor wants CDC to give vaccinated people more choice of freedom and resume normal life activities.

But as you would expect of any bootlicking salve, Wen wants to punish those who choose not to get the COVID shot.

The reality is that millions of Americans will not get vaccinated unless they see something in it for them. That something is the freedom to return to normalcy.

Notice the lame-ass masking of punishment as reward by phrasing it like they can get the reward of their freedom, taken away from them, only when they surrender their right of choice and bare their arms, or whatever else the CDC orders, to get their bodies violated.

The Chinese bot then suggests the Biden administration should force businesses to check people’s vaccination statues. And boy, can she stop her half-inch mouth when it comes to suggesting punishments for vaccine refusers!

Interstate and international travel should require pre-travel testing and post-travel quarantine, which would be waived for people with proof of vaccination.

Not surprising if you remember that Wen is a pharma puppet and a prop on CNN and a contributing columnist at The Washington Post. But here’s bit of extra info about Wen’s not-so-distant past when she proved her bootlicking skills. In 2019, this same Asian muppet was kicked out of Planned Parenthood where she had been made the President less than a year ago. On learning about her termination, she said on Twitter her statement will soon follow. It did. And what a bootlicking statement it turned out to be.

She claimed she was leaving because of “philosophical differences”. Fact: she was kicked out because she tried to say something good in favor of those who wanted a baby instead of abortion. She didn’t know she was terminated because the committee held a secret meeting to decide her termination.

The Washington Post column and its Yahoo rehash about Wen’s vaccine worshipping suggestions are textbook cases of advertorials and corporate activism against human rights. Both stories rate 10/10 on Skepticle Scale. And Wen surely qualifies for the ultimate bootlicking pharma bot made in China, sold in America.


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