Reuters Publish Leftist Lies as Journalism after Trump Proven Non-Guilty

While the desperate attempt of the leftists in the US government to knock President Trump out of any future Presidential race via impeachment fell flat in the US Senate today, leftist propaganda machinery was left with nothing but repetition of lies. Establishment propaganda factory Reuters is one example of this post-impeachment soreness.

Reuters published a story titled “U.S. Senate acquits Trump as Republicans save him in impeachment again” today after the acquittal of President Trump in US Senate impeachment trial. The story opened with a laughable lie:

The U.S. Senate acquitted Donald Trump on Saturday in his second impeachment trial in a year, with fellow Republicans blocking conviction over the former president’s role in the deadly assault by his supporters on the U.S. Capitol.

Instead of calling it what it is – exoneration via non-guilty vote by the required numbers of senators – Reuters went with the lie that Trump had a role in the deadly assault on the capitol in DC by “his supporters”. Not surprising since Reuters has been known to churn out establishment propaganda on a regular basis. So no surprises also when the team of Reuters propagandists completely omitted the humiliating defeat of the impeachment attorneys by the defense attorneys as they exposed the multiple counts of faked evidence presented by the impeachers.

Reuters instead attempted to further the lie that Trump was responsible for the assault on the federal capitol – which has been shown not to be carried out by Trump supporters but a pre-planned attack implicating Democrats, Antifa, and the DC police that let and led them in the building. Their story goes on to cite a poll (yes, one of those polls you know) that found that over 70 percent of American adults believe President Trump was responsible for the attack. As if public opinion determines facts, not courts or judicial trials! And that is not even to mention the credibility of the poll and the intelligence and awareness level, or lack thereof, of the participants themselves!

Omission of facts and repetition of leftist lies make up this story of Reuters – which on Skepticle Scale ranks 10/10.


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