Insider Propagandist Targets Vaccine Skeptics, and Proves Them Right

Establishment propaganda can be so poorly crafted that it becomes enjoyable as a work of inspiration for satire. But I tend to be more direct and serious here so I’ll handle this propaganda story from the Insider accordingly.

Yahoo news – yes that daily propaganda platform you see when you want to check your email– featured a lame, amateurish propaganda article from Insider by one named Naina Bhardwaj. Let’s take a peek at this gem.

The title “How anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories are straining family ties and breaking up friendships as the COVID-19 vaccine is rolled out globally” is a tell-tale summary of what’s in there for the reader: a whole bunch of hogwash! So brace up folks!

The article starts with mini stories of a few people (none of them revealing their identities) telling how they broke their ties with family or friends because the latter had anti-vaccine (anti-vaxx) views. The story then delves into history but due to the apparent lack of knowledge and/or research, hardly anything of substance is explored about the anti-vaxx movement except the political statement that religious groups since the 18th century have viewed vaccination as the “devil’s work”.

Then Bhardwaj jumps forward to 1998 pointing to the modern anti-vaxx movement – just parroting what the mainstream propaganda mobs have been echoing for about two decades now, ignorant of the fact that the information by people working within or close to vaxx manufacturing and research well before ’98 started the awareness about the dangers of vaccines.

Next, Bhardwaj rushes on to quote a source – and of course, vaxx propagandists always go to the same sources. So who else but the well-known and well-exposed World Health Organization (WHO) is her source for quoting pro-vaxx propaganda: vaccine hesitancy is caused by misinformation. So folks, you all who are aware of the health risks and unscientific nature of vaccines are actually misinformed (trying to resist saying, but damn it…LMAO!). Wait, it gets better 🙂

After a ham-handed fumble at linking the infamous Tuskegee experiment to the current skepticism of vaccine science, the impassioned writer gets suddenly carried away in a fit of rhetoric and says this:

The endpoint of the new anti-vaxx narrative is to misappropriate the memory of Hitler’s Nazi genocide.

Bhardwaj cites the arrest of Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers Corbyn in London a few days ago after he distributed pamphlets comparing the current vaccine push by the establishment to transporting of Jews to Auschwitz in Hitler’s days. Thanks to her lack of reason, she ends up proving what she is trying to refute. Yes, Nazis arrested you for speaking up against their ideology and practices. In fact, they would execute you for resisting their tyranny – exactly the policy of today’s vaxx mafia and its establishment enforcers, of which propaganda outlets like Yahoo and the Insider are just a couple of names.

Right after proving anti-vaxxers right, the Insider propagandist goes on to justify the social media censorship of voices against vaccines and compares them to hate speech. If that’s not enough, she goes to cite a pro-digital censorship organization (CCDH) representative agree to the proposition that anti-vaxx messages should be a criminal offense in Britain. So again, Bhardwaj proves she is on the contemporary vaxx Gestapo side that wants dissenting voices charged with criminal offense.

What you don’t see in Bhardwaj’s work of dark comedy is the scientific research that documents the deaths and disabilities of countless victims of vaccines across the globe. Neither would you see the stories of vaccine victims or quotes from anti-vaxx advocates that show their side of the story and logic behind their skepticism.

Is Bhardwaj ignorant or enslaved to corporate media’s anti-freedom alliance with the pharma mafia? I don’t know. What I do know is that the Insider story that went under her name is laughable BS. On Skepticle Scale it will be unrated here and left to readers to rate it from 1 to 10 (10 means propaganda like you have never seen before). So go ahead and rate her story using the comment box below.


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