Yahoo Propagandist Unhappy that Social Media Allows Freedom of Speech

A leftist propagandist working at Yahoo News is sore that social media has allowed people to present what they see as credible information and reject the corrupt establishment media’s lies. She wrote an opinion post about it, which is featured on today’s Yahoo homepage. (Of course!)

The post “America is experiencing ‘truth decay’ at an alarming rate, experts warn” is by one named Adriana Belmonte who’s credited as “senior editor” at Yahoo Finance. Not sure how the finance part is at play in this post of hers – though one can imagine scenarios.

The post itself is substandard left-wing establishment propaganda written down in a whiny tone to resent the First Amendment that gives people the right to free speech and expressing their views and stories on issues like vaccine safety.

The community often denies scientific evidence, convinced that vaccines can cause fatal harm and other damage to the body, which is an alarming belief amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Typical of establishment propaganda, the post thus uses “scientific data” as a clichéd attempt to convey that science says vaccines are safe when tons of scientific data and legal documentation prove that vaccines can and do indeed cause serious damage to body and mind including the death of the vaccine victims. The denial also is on part of the vaccine advocates as they blindly deny that vaccination causes such damage.

The propagandist then goes on to bash republicans and skeptics for believing in “conspiracy theories” before referring to President Trump’s Twitter posts as spreading false information “on more than one occasion.” She does not back up her statements with the slightest proof.

In the rest of her post, the propagandist talks about QAnon posts and labels them as conspiracy theories without providing evidence to back her statements except that she cites Facebook censorship of such accounts as an indicator that what she is claiming has some weight. The political hoaxes the mainstream media mobs have been caught presenting as news are never mentioned in the post.

The post ends with the writer’s conclusion:

The problem is the that technology is not inherently good or bad. The internet and social media have a number of positive effects, like the ability to form networks and communities online.

 The misplaced “the” before the world “that” also speaks something of Yahoo’s senior editor’s level of competence, or lack thereof.

The Yahoo post on fake news is laughable propaganda and an amateurish effort to promote a propagandist who heaven knows will be doing what to stay fed  if not for being the left’s mouthpiece. It ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale on this bench.


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