USA Today Gets Sore over Trump’s Fair Student Visa Policy

Yesterday, when the leftist propaganda outlet USA Today published a story about recent changes to education visa rules for international students, Yahoo News was quick to feature it on its homepage. I Wonder why!!!

From the first line, where it dramatizes the situation by a theatrical scenario of an allegedly traumatized African student in America living his dream of becoming a musician, to the final period after the last word, the story is an example of a laughable attempt at trashing President Trump’s pro-American policies on immigration.

The story in question conveniently skips the actual background of the African student Lewis-Nicol and how he entered the United States by saying “The 24-year-old is here.” No surprises since politically-affiliated USA Today is not expected to take readers through the actual history of these international students many/most of whom, in fact, are simply candidates for permanent immigration, by hook or by crook.

The story then goes on to complain about the new education visa rules that require international students to finish their studies in due time so as that they won’t spend more time than their designated study program requires to earn a degree. And in case more time is required, they would need to apply for extension in a timely fashion.

With first-hand knowledge of being an international student in the US, these rules are nothing new to me. They have been there forever and I kept up with them through the course of my educational program, graduating in time and leaving the US before my official stay permission expired. The only thing the Trump administration is doing is that t is enforcing these rules. Previously a student was issued a 5-year-visa even if he/she had a two year study program in the US. However on the completion of the program, the student was still required to leave the country unless he/she had acquired some other official permission to legally continue staying in US.

Now the leftist propaganda media mobs are crying foul because the Trump government refuses to close its eyes over international students becoming illegal immigrants in the country, hiding in sanctuary cities, and being funded by the Democrats that use them for their political goals.  

USA Today cites an immigration attorney Stephen Yale-Loehr as:

This is part of a larger anti-immigrant trend coming from this administration.

Unwittingly, the propaganda post undermines its case for international students by this statement. International students are NOT immigrants. Full-time students come to America on F1 visa – which is strictly a non-immigrant visa. So when an immigration attorney—someone who earns thousands of dollars per case—says student visa rules are part of ant-immigrant trend of the administration, he is admitting that students are intending immigrants and are here for citizenship, not for just getting a degree.

The propaganda of USA Today continues in the story as they try to get further grounds for their story of protest. They say that enforcing new and strict student visa policy will economically impact the country.

According to NAFSA, the association of international educators, 1 million international students contributed $41 billion to the U.S. economy in the 2018-19 academic year.

First, you again see the source chosen for the statement on economic impact:  NAFSA—a so-called “non-profit” globalist organization advocating the leftist slogan of diversity. There are no official stats or any research links to support this claim. But even if the figure is accepted per their word, this is not a “contribution” they did to the US economy. This is actually their expense they paid for getting a service that they wanted or needed. In other words, they should be thankful to the US for getting them qualified enough to get a respectable job in their home country or any other country or within US. And it won’t factor in what crimes were committed by them in the same period of time and how much it cost the state to investigate, prosecute, and other expense not to mention the impact on the American families that were damaged by the criminal or irresponsible behavior of international students involved in such incidents.

The next lie in the USA Today story comes in the claim that international students do “critical research” in science and tech fields. Again a vague claim with no verifiable statistics or sources backing it is thrown at the readers to convey the importance of international students. The story includes another statement from an Indian student working on a doctorate degree in computer science in California.

Over the course of my career, I’ve been a teaching assistant, I’ve taught courses, and right now I’m mentoring undergraduate and graduate students. And many of them are from California.

The statement has zero relevance to the question of importance of international students. In fact, it shows otherwise. Those educational roles can easily be performed by any qualified American and usually much better and more efficiently than international students. From my personal experience, it is clear that liberal educational institutions preferentially employ foreign students in various roles. In fact I was offered such a position – but I said no. They are doing immense damage to the economy of America by keeping more Americans unemployed and giving the jobs to less competent foreigners with an awful English accent and poor communication skills simply because of their political agenda of demographic engineering via more “diversity”.

The USA Today story is routine leftist propaganda masked as journalism. It ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale and will only move an uninformed or brain-dead leftist reader to think the new education policy of the Trump administration is bad for the country.


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