Huffington Post Writer Sore over Laura Loomer’s Primary Win in FL

Leftist media are sore after conservative activist Laura Loomer’s win in the Florida primary as GOP nominee for the US Congress in the upcoming 2020 election. And since Trump reportedly congratulated Laura for her nomination, the propaganda outlets are outraged.

One of the stories about Laura Loomer’s primary win comes from leftist propaganda platform Huffington Post, which frequently publishes promotion of Islamist views and Muslims. They published the story “She Called Muslims ‘Savages’ And Islam A ‘Cancer.’ Now She’s A GOP Nominee” by Christopher Mathias. The story was of course featured on Yahoo News homepage.

The title of the story by Mathias gives it away but the text of the story repeatedly uses angry and hateful language toward Laura who opposes Islamic/Sharia law in America and questions the anti-American views and actions of Muslims operating with an Islamist agenda on American soil. Thus the Huffington Post propagandist in question calls Laura “anti-Muslim extremist” who “didn’t care about the mass murder of Muslims”.

The propagandist sounds sore that Laura would use her right of free speech to condemn Islamist agenda and Islamist operatives like Ilhan Omar, who actually has a history of anti-Semitism and support for ISIS terrorists. So he includes a few tweets of her about the Christchurch shooting incident in which 51 Muslims were allegedly killed by a so-called “white supremacist” and falsely claimed that Laura Loomer had “utter disregard for Muslim lives.”

Laura’s tweets actually said that she cared more about free speech instead of what happens in Christchurch. She was expressing her concern for attacks on free speech of conservative Americans by the Islamist-liberal alliance and saying she doesn’t care about what happens in another country while Americans are constantly under attack—the feeling of every true American.

Mathias not only uses various hateful adjectives for Luara Loomer but also tries to back up his rant against her with the ban on Laura by leftist-Islamist platforms.

Loomer’s bigotry has earned her bans from many tech platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, GoFundMe, Venmo, Uber, Lyft, and Uber Eats.

The propagandist also includes a February 2020 tweet of his own about walking past Laura, calling her “anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist”.

While angry at Laura for her win, Mathias also sounds bitter toward other conservatives like Roger Stone, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Gavin McInnes and uses various vile adjectives with their names.

Huffington Post’s story on Laura Loomer’s primary win in Florida is an angry rant by Christopher Mathias that shows the mentality of a sore loser and verbal aggression toward conservatives, particularly Laura Loomer. It ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale.

It is worth mentioning that Huffington Post was nominated for the Responsible Media of the Year award at the British Muslim Awards in 2015. Yes you read it right, the British Muslim Awards!


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