The Daily Beast Goes Easy on Real Unemployment Rate Under Obama

Today the leftist Yahoo news features a story from the leftist propaganda outlet The Daily Beast about Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto supposedly correcting President Trump on unemployment in America under former President Obama. And the numbers used to seemingly prove this by Cavuto happen to be as fake as any other leftist propaganda.

The Daily Beast story show a screenshot from Cavuto’s show that captures a split-screen of President Trump making his speech on Thursday and Cavuto responding to it. The story cites Cavuto’s “fact-check” of Trump as:

The unemployment rate did, under Barack Obama, go down from a high of 10 percent to around 4.7 percent.

The “10 percent high” is cited by the echo-chamber propaganda media mobs working for the left. But are those numbers real or simply twisted and manipulated, even made up just like the COVID 19 testing and mortality numbers today? A really good analysis and calculation source is Investor’s Business Daily wherein an August 2012 editorial “Obama’s Real Unemployment Rate Is In Double Digits” shows the real numbers of unemployment under Obama when he was near half way through his 8 years of presidency.

The analysis shows how a bad job report was celebrated as “good” news by the White House and the leftist propaganda media. The pro-Obama propaganda mobs claimed the numbers at that point in time showed 8.3 percent joblessness while the real calculation places that number between 11 percent to as high as 15 percent.

The analysis goes on to comment that this crisis is real and the result of Obama’s policies (not the so-called financial meltdown the liberals and left-leaning Fox anchors quickly jump on to defend Obama’s poor management of economy).

This is Obama’s hidden unemployment crisis. It won’t go away as long as the president continues to threaten the top 2% of income earners — the nation’s entrepreneurs and job creators — with higher taxes.

Creating fake and manipulated stats is the key weapon of propaganda news outlets and corrupt institutions whether it’s official job reports or COVID 19 testing figures. Given the Investor’s Business Daily analysis from 2012, the maximum figure of 10 percent high and 4.7 percent final figure unemployment under Obama becomes questionable and calls for independent verification to get the real picture.

The Daily Beast story featured by Yahoo to show Trump fact-checking stunt falls flat on its own fact-check and it ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale.


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