The Intercept Trying to Justify Brutal Attack of Rioters on Dallas Man

When a murderous mob of rioters savagely attacked a Dallas (TX) man on May 30th and left him critically wounded in the wake of ongoing riots, mislabeled as “George Floyd protests”, leftist propagandists rushed to defend and justify the crime of the mob.

On May 31st, The Intercept published an article titled “Trump Boosts Video of Dallas Clash Edited to Cast Machete-Wielding Vigilante as Victim” by a leftist propagandist Robert Mackey. As evident from the title of his piece, the propagandist meant to imply that the mean brutally attacked by the mob of mainly black men on the street, was to blame for the crime and that he was not a “victim”. Instead of proving his claim, however, Mackey only littered the place with unsupported claims and pro-rioter propaganda.

The propagandist in question claimed that a “protester” has the full video showing that the victim actually initiated the attack. Yet, he didn’t post any video showing so. Instead the video he included shows the white man with machete being attacked by the mob as they pelt him with rocks. And when he retreats, the mob chases him, continuing to throw rocks at him, and escalating the situation.

Then Mackey conveniently cites a “protester” called Measho to make a claim that is not supported by video evidence.

Measho said that what he hadn’t captured on camera was the man slashing the skateboarder’s hand with the machete before the group pounced on him.

No video evidence for this? How convenient! So the claim remains a claim and that by someone who is not neutral or independent but part of the criminal mob. Then the writer cites the same “protester” to claim that the mob only broke glass although glass at “Hatchways at some point on Saturday night” but did not loot or engage in violence until the mob assault happened, saying this shows that those were not rioters. Breaking glasses or attacking property in any way IS rioting. If Mackey is so ignorant of what a rioting means, he could simply look it up in a dictionary.   

Mackey also tried to show Trump was echoing the “false claim” that the man was left dying on the street. And he includes a tweet with an image of the victim being provided first aid at the spot where he was assaulted by the mob. Again, this doesn’t show Trump or those said it first were wrong when they said he was left dying there since the video evidence does suggest the aggressive mob left him they saw he was unresponsive, lying bloody and beaten up.

Robert Mackey’s propaganda is the kind of nonsense that enables and encourages criminals like the looters and terrorists that have been destroying people’s property and businesses and disrupting the life of peaceful civilians across America using George Floyd’s death as an excuse.

Mackey surely will have his audience of leftist dummies but his post shows his clear bias and political agenda. His post ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale.

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