Terrorist-Friendly Rolling Stone Attacks Dr. Judy Mikovits

Since Dr. Judy Mikovits attracted a great deal of attention for her video interview, which is part of the upcoming documentary Plandemic, establishment-run propaganda cartels pounced on her to trash and shame her—a sign of panic among those that get the first sting with the whip of truth. Rolling Stone is one of those leftist propaganda outlets that viciously attacked Dr. Mikovits.

The title of its propaganda piece Judy Mikovits, Disgraced Doctor at the Center of ‘Plandemic,’ Has a Bestselling Book on Amazon alone is enough to say it all about Rolling Stone. They are so pissed that Dr. Mikovits is getting an audience and her book is selling like hot cakes that they are literally screaming out at her and people who are reading her revelations about the deeply compromised academic world of manipulated science and corporate-catering research.

The Rolling Stone story, posted under the name EJ Dickson, trashes Dr. Mikovits’ book without bothering to prove how what it says is wrong or questionable. The propaganda post refers to Dr. Mikovits “fall from grace” and cites other leftist publications like NPR and New York Times to depict Mikovits as a villain with the obvious intent of discouraging people from buying her book or watching her video interview that threw the establishment media and political cartels in a state of panic so much so that YouTube had to delete her interview video.

But speaking of “fall from grace” and “disgraced” it is worthwhile to take a glimpse of what Rolling Stone has done for its own badge of “grace”. In its infamous and disgusting edition of July 17, 2013, the Islamist terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev—the culprit in the Boston Marathon bombing of April 15th, 2013—received a carefully worded tribute by the publication as it depicted the terrorist attack of Tsarnaev brothers as more a tragedy than a disgusting, planned terror attack on Americans by Islamist migrants. Rolling Stone would go on to feature Tsarnaev on their cover of August 01, 2013—an act of disgraced propaganda supporting enemies of America.

This support for an Islamic terrorist by Rolling Stone drew then censure on multiple fronts. Erick Stakelbeck in his 2015 book ISIS Exposed: Beheadings, Slavery, and the Hellish Reality of Radical Islam called Rolling Stone a “leftist propaganda rag masquerading as a serious music journal” that portrayed a terrorist murderer as “a sort of misunderstood brooding ten pinup” (129).

Interestingly, Rolling Stone tags its propaganda post against Judy Mikovits and her book as Culture News. It’s because they seem not to have the category Propaganda Unbound to rightfully place this story, which ranks 10/10 and then some on Skepticle Scale and reeks of jaundiced thoughts even stronger.

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