Philadelphia Inquirer Op-Ed Celebrates Release of Muslim Democrat Thief

Democrats in America are capitalizing on the corona scare to benefit politically from the emergency and getting their criminals released from prisons is a significant component of their corona politics. At the same time, leftist propaganda machinery plays a key role in this quest.

On April 10, The Philadelphia Inquirer posted an opinion piece by what appears to be a typical left-wing propagandist, named Jenice Armstrong, titled “Movita Johnson-Harrell is one of the lucky ones. Releasing more nonviolent inmates is the humane thing to do”. The propagandist hails the decision to release Movita Johnson-Harrell early from prison due to the coronavirus emergency.

Movita Johnson-Harrell, the first female Muslim member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, was sworn into office on March 25, 2019. In December that year, she resigned from her seat as she was arrested for stealing more than half a million ($500, 000) dollars from a charity called Motivations Education & Consultation Associates, which she established. She pled guilty and was serving a 3-month sentence in Philadelphia County Prison, which was to be followed by eight-and-a-half months of house arrest. But she was released about a month early by the state, using the corona scare as justification.

Jenice Armstrong celebrates the early release of the black, female, Muslim Democrat criminal.

Releasing nonviolent prisoners who are near the end of their sentences is humane, which is why I applaud authorities for granting an early release to former State Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell.

To justify her support for Johnson-Harrell’s release, Armstrong goes on to rationalize about the nature of crime she committed.

It’s not about releasing rapists and murderers and others who are a threat to society. This is about about letting out more nonviolent offenders, those like Johnson-Harrell

Ignoring the repetition of “about” in that line—which shows the limp editorial process of the paper—Armstrong’s attempt at rationalizing her support for Johnson-Harrell’s release is as lame as the publication’s editorial standards. Thieves are a big threat to any society; that is why they locked up. Calling a thief “nonviolent offender” doesn’t lessen the gravity of their crime. The criminal she supports already got a slap on the wrist for stealing such a big amount from a “charity” that she herself deceptively established to help people in her poor African-American neighborhood.

Armstrong’s propaganda post for a liberal criminal is yet another example of political puppetry masked as commentary. It ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale and is jaundiced enough to call for an editorial quarantine of the paper that allowed it.

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