NYT Blames Florida Government for COVID 19 Cases without Evidence

Leftist propaganda daily The New York Times (NYT) is known for its fake news and agenda-driven “reporting” and their new story on coronavirus cases supposedly caused by gatherings in Florida further strengthens their hold in the fake news arena.

The story by Patricia Mazzei and Frances Robles was featured today in Yahoo News under the title “The Costly Toll of Not Shutting Down Spring Break Earlier”. It blames the government of Florida for not announcing shutdowns and banning people from gathering early enough to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID 19) infection that presumably caused the death of some people who attended those gatherings.

The story highlights the Winter Party Festival, a beachside dance party and fundraiser for the LGBTQ community held March 4-10. In other words, a gay event, which could be prevented by the organizers of the event, namely National LGBTQ Task Force, had they decided to cancel the event in the wake of the coronavirus. But since the NYT  is a known leftist propaganda platform that won’t pint a finger at homosexuals or their “non-profits”, their story simply puts the blame on the administration in Florida, particularly the Republican governor of the state.

Slow action by Florida’s governor left local leaders scrambling to make their own closure decisions during one of the busiest and most profitable times of the year for a state with an $86 billion tourism economy.  

This laughable and obviously political blame game directed at Florida’s conservative governor is not the only example of mock reporting in the NYT story in question. The writers fill the page(s) with uncorroborated stories of deaths and sicknesses from COVID 19 that they connect to the Miami Beach LGBTQ event. Prominent among them is the first case of the death of a gay man who went to the party, a death that media attributed to COVID 19.

The first festivalgoer to die was Israel Carrera, a 40-year-old Lyft and Uber driver who spent several days in the hospital in Miami Beach before his death March 26. His boyfriend, who also attended, got mildly sick and is now making plans to deliver Carrera’s ashes to his surviving family in Cuba.

There is no evidence of Carrera’s death resulting from COVID 19. Instead his death seems very suspicious from the information available about him in some media. For example in Miami Helard, it was reported that 40 year old Israel Carrera—a Cuban refugee who became US citizen under the wet foot, dry foot immigration policy for Cuban refugees—was “healthy as a horse”
 before the party and lived with his 27-year-old husband Christian López in North Miami. Lopez is cited in the story saying

López said it is a mistake to assume that Carrera was infected with the coronavirus at the Winter Festival. He could have caught it at the grocery store or from one of his Uber or Lyft passengers. “No one knows,” he said.

That part is of course omitted entirely from the NYT propaganda story to make sure it doesn’t raise questions about the cause of COVID 19 in Carrera, who went to the party not with his husband but with a boyfriend named Franco Conquista (Aha, so he had a BF too! Did his husband know?) Here’s Conquista’s statement:

He couldn’t breathe, so he wanted to go to the hospital, and then, he was at the hospital for four or five days. Then, they put him to sleep because he was really agitated, and then, he never woke up again.

“They put him to sleep and he never woke again.” Very interesting and sad at the same time. Was it over-sedation? Anything happened at the hospital? Why was he really agitated? No mention of any of these in the stories—and you don’t expect in the kind of propaganda reporting we have on all these outlets. But it’s all very suspicious, especially in the absence of an autopsy that would determine the real cause of death.

The NYT story goes on to randomly pick people who attended one or another event and would test positive a number of days later for COVID 19. No scientific proof is provided for a single case that would rule out other causes of sickness or catching the so-called “virus” from any other venue/object they came in contact with over the course of all their days.

The NYT story in question is garden-variety leftist political propaganda not worth reading let alone believing a word of it. It ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale.


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