Fox and ABC Post Saudi Nurse Video to Promote Corona Lockdowns

The globalist-run corona hype has been used to hit America and the west with lockdowns and shutdowns. The pro-lockdown propaganda not only employs pseudo-science but also cheesy sentimental material to influence the masses. The video of a Saudi nurse refusing his little son a hug on returning from hospital is one such lame attempt of emotional exploitation.

The video which seems to have appeared on Facebook first and uploaded by the nurse himself, was shared on March 27 in mainstream American media – notably by two popular channels: ABC News and Fox News. The video shows the nurse named Naser Ali Al-Shahrani who enters his house, still dressed in his scrubs, and his son comes running to him for a hug but he asks his son in Arabic not to do it and then he sits down and appears to get emotional and crying.

The message in the video can be summarized thus: these poor nurses cannot hug their innocent little kids because they have been in a place and patients who have such dangerous    

ABC titled the video post “Nurse breaks down as he refuses his son’s hug after work” and Fox had to be more dramatic so it chose to call it “Saudi nurse breaks down as he’s forced to refuse son’s hug after work”. (Forced to?) The post was quickly replicated in other propaganda mobs (yeah – those that are wrongly called media).

Now let me get this straight. A guy knows he is carrying such dangerous, killing pathogens in his hospital uniform and probably on his body that he won’t let his son get close to him, yet he enters his house in the uniform while somebody happens to be recording the video of him refusing a hug from his son. My questions would be: why is the guy entering his house in his hospital uniform during such a supposedly deadly pandemic that he can carry into his house with his uniform? Did he not disinfect himself at the hospital before leaving? He could even change in his car while parked and apply sanitizer before entering his house, assuming his rich country’s hospitals doesn’t have a room where nurses can change and disinfect before leaving for homes.

But in case he had to return his home possibly infected, wouldn’t he just text his wife to keep the child (and herself) in a room until he gets home and cleans himself. Then he would give his son the hug that kid so very deserved and his wife or whoever was recording didn’t have to record a “heartbreaking” moment. Well, where would be the drama and 5 seconds of fame then?

ABC, Fox, and other outlets didn’t have a story except a couple lines without bothering to include where they got the video from, whether they tried to contact the nurse for any details, what hospital he works at, etc etc. And the video itself is edited and shows repetition of the scene to make it more emotional. After all, 15 seconds of watching the same thing will have a better emotional impact than mere 5 sec!

The video of Saudi Nurse posted as a news story on Fox, ABC, and others is part of the globalist propaganda that aims to further lockdowns and shutdowns and damage the US and the west to let the globalists take over while they are weakened by the panic. It ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale.


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