The Bolton News Shamefully Quiet about Barbaric Murderer of British Child

It was a day of public disgrace for British presstitutes—the way they covered up for the murderer who slaughtered a 7-year-old girl in broad daylight in today’s Britain. And an even more shameful one for the American propaganda cartels that simply blacked out on the story.

While I looked up the story in multiple sources, and all lamestream outlets were pathetically alike in reporting on it, the one that caught my attention was The Bolton News. They called the story “Tragic Emily was killed as she played on her scooter, inquest hears”.

And just like the title, the story avoids the mention of any clue of the murderer’s identity except that it was “a female sat on the bench” who attacked the child and a little later as a “30-year-old woman, who was not known to Emily’s family.” No name no ethnicity no description and not a picture or any word written about the culprit who attacked and slaughtered this child at the park in front on her family.

BBC and other propaganda outlets have done the same thing as The Bolton News—turn a violent crime story into a sob story that attempts to make people sorry and shattered for the child but completely take their minds off the savage killer. And when does it happen in establishment propaganda mobs? Nealry always when the killer is an immigrant, particularly a Muslim immigrant from a shithole country. And that some claim is the case in this crime.

Voice of Europe posted on April 4th that the barbarian who slaughtered the child was a Somali woman. And it mentioned the cover-up for the killer by the media.

Shockingly, the nationality of Somali attacker was never mentioned by the UK’s mainstream press in what appears to have been an attempt to bury the story.

The American press and other globalist international outlets went mum on the story. Would this be the case if a white Christian woman had seriously injured her own baby let alone brutally murdered someone else’s in broad daylight?

The silence of the pro-criminal media was also called out on social media. One Twitter user ‘The Conqueror’ commented:

The Bolton News post about little Emily’s barbaric and violent murder is a disgrace and is as good as the murder of journalism itself. Its rank on Skepticle Scale is a shameful 10/10 and implies complicity in the heinous crime of a terrorist.


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