BBC Story on Immigrant Gang’s Harassment a Textbook Example of Yellow Journalism

BBC has been engaged in political propaganda since long and yesterday it showed its true color once again by publishing a story that tried to hide more than tell.

 The BBC story is titled “Coronavirus: Teens held for ‘coughing in face’ of elderly couple” and it talked of the incident the past Friday when a senior couple in Hitchin was harassed by a group of three young men (aged 16, 18, and 19) who intentionally coughed on them. The BBC then goes on to mention a passerby’s intervention.

A passer-by intervened and there was “an altercation” which left a woman in her 70s with a black eye, police said.

But who was this passerby that the BBC doesn’t want to name? It’s none else than conservative patriotic activist Tommy Robinson who has been exposing Islamist immigrant crimes in Britain for years and is on the list of most hated British figures of the leftist/globalist establishment. Tommy is a household name in British news realm when it comes to politics and activism. Yet the BBC won’t name him because saving an elderly couple from abuse of criminal gangsters is a heroic act of selflessness and an establishment propaganda outlet like BBC can’t stand crediting Tommy Robinson with it. So they mention him again without a name

The man who intervened also suffered bruising, police said.

Now Tommy made his own video of the crime of which he and the elderly couple were victims, and named the young gangsters in it—not surprisingly, they turn out to be Muslim immigrants, at least one of them an illegal who has a previous arrest record. His video and the link to the complete story on Voice of Europe are both posted on my site Word Matters! But BBC surely won’t look at Tommy’s video; or they already did but won’t share it with the public. Instead they cite police for not revealing the identity of the criminal Muslim immigrants from shithole countries.

The force called for anyone with information to contact them and asked people not to post details of those they believe are involved or share footage on social media as it could hamper the investigation.

While the incident reinforces the image of Tommy Robinson as a British patriot, it also proves BBC to be a discredited propaganda outlet that doesn’t deserve a single click on its stories let alone a subscription.

BBC’s post about the harassment of the senior British couple and “passerby” intervention is a political propaganda post that serves as a textbook example of yellow journalism. It ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale.


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