Russia Today Writer Pissed at People Not Buying the Corona Scare

The coronavirus hype is an opportunity for leftist scaremongers to shutdown businesses and everything they can in a world where they are politically losing to the conservatism. What makes them piss in these times is defiance of their narrative. Thus we see opinions from the panicked side resenting those of us who don’t buy their narrative.

In this post on Russia Today, which caught my attention and invitation to laughter, Barbara McCarthy called those refusing to go in self-imposed quarantines due to the corona scare stupid. She took aim at the young people, mostly students, celebrating their spring break on beaches in Florida, at conservative commentator Candace Owns who defended them against bashers, Boris Johnson’s father who refused to lock himself inside his room, and quite a few others who publicly defied the call for self-quarantine.

Her post, hollow and senseless, just repeated the mainstream leftist panic narrative that wants the country locked down because of this pseudo-apocalypse scaremongering game that is laughably ignorant and obviously political.

The only example of real stupid behavior that the writer in question included in her post is that of a girl who licked a plane toilet and recorded herself doing so – an obvious publicity stunt. It is as stupid as any liberal stunt to get attention, or probably just a little more than our respected writer’s post on Russia Today.

To get over-emphatic, Barbara McCarthy goes on to write about the free-spirited ones:

An extreme situation like the coronavirus outbreak will show up the good, the bad and the inherently stupid.

Well Mam, indeed, it will and in your joke of a post on RT, we have seen the inherent stupidity part playing out in full in you. My last word to this propagandist in question – good luck with stopping us living our life when you need to get one!

Barbara McCarthy’s post of resentment goes unranked on Skepticle Scale because it’s not worth rating or reading. But do read if you want to waste 10 minutes of your life.

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