Arab News Takes Mock Reporting on Yemen Attack to a Whole New Level

Arab News, which is Saudi Arabia’s leading propaganda blog, posts ridiculous things pretty much daily to serve the Saudi kingdom’s interest. Their latest comedic act is playing the word “investigators”.

In a post that denies an attack the Saudi-led coalition carried out last year in Yemen, killing and injuring a number of civilians, the site says that “investigators” from the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen concluded that the coalition had not bombed the market and killed/injured civilians in Saada on November 20, 2019. And that they just carried out one attack aimed at a military target.

In other words, “investigators” here means those accused of killing and injuring innocent people—the same people who are accused of the crime are calling themselves the “investigators” and are doing an “investigation” of their own crime. LMAO!

Owned by a Saudi prince, the Arab News blog is so amateurish that it doesn’t provide the basics of reporting a piece of news. No mention of when this “investigation” was actually carried out; where was this report/conclusion presented; to whom did the chief “investigator” spoke, and how is this “investigation” reliable at all when it rejects the accusation of the UN/international community that Saudi coalition bombed and killed civilians. Of course the post doesn’t even bother to link to any news of the original incident and/or the UN report that holds the coalition responsible. You are really left wondering what is all this about?

The Arab News site on the whole is as much a joke as their post about “investigators” investigating themselves and finding themselves innocent. It’s just third-rate face-saving, political propaganda and ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale.


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