ABC’s Promo Story for ‘Hero’ Muslim Girl in Wisconsin School Incident

This was quite an interesting promotional feature on Yahoo last evening. The story is about a Wisconsin high school incident of a 16-year-old male student getting shot by a police officer because he attacked the officer with some sharp object.

The story published by ABC News has a video showing a teenage girl opening a door to a building and letting other students in. The story details claim that the students we rerunning away from an alleged stabbing at the school. The 17-year-old Muslim girl Duaa Ahmad is said to have acted heroically by opening the door to her community’s mosque that is across the street from the school. The story eulogizes the girl by making it sound like she had saved the lives of those fellow students.

However, a moment of critical thinking would make the story seem like leftist ABC’s typical Islamist propaganda meant to promote the Muslim community in the country.

For example, the story details show no attack on the students or any serious threat to students. It was an altercation between one guy and a police officer and the officer shot him. Then he called the ambulance and police to the incident and they reached there in 2 minutes. So what exactly were the students running from?

Secondly, as the story says a teacher asked the students to run away from campus, which is strange. A teacher would send unsupervised students out of the classroom and on the street without security when the presumed threat is outside? Doesn’t make sense.

Thirdly, the story on British paper Daily Mail shows the pictures of evacuation of the school following the incident and the students are seen walking calmly outside the school, texting on their smartphones. There isn’t a hint of panic on their faces or in their appearance. So why exactly a bunch of students led by the Muslim girl acted as if in panic? This is worth focusing on given that it was only in that class that the teacher asked them to run away from the school.

Fourth, the video of the alleged panic escape toward the mosque is itself interesting. Anyone into vids and films can easily see the cut of shots so it’s obviously edited to show students running inside but you can see students standing right outside the mosque along the street in a calm and normal manner – as if there is no panic. A few students appear to be wondering whether they need to enter the building at all and one seems to have even turned back from while a couple of them stand outside like it’s any other good day. Only the Muslim girl seems t be acting as if it were some real emergency.

On the whole, the footage and other details don’t add up at all. It’s very likely yet another leftist propaganda story meant to promote Muslims in America and present their young people as heroes- the long-term goal being convincing the public to get more of them immigrated to the country and turn every state blue no matter how much crime and chaos they bring with them.

ABC News promo for Wisconsin’s Muslims is lame propaganda masked as journalism and ranks 10/10 on the Skeptical Scale.


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